Photobucket to Imgur

I wanted to write about Photobucket when i saw my images not showing properly. But i can’t blog regularly and just have opportunity to write today. I know this topic was long overdue. Anyway,  Photobucket was a popular image hosting service which launched 2003, it was previously free for all users to upload and embed images all over the web.

All images in all my blogs hosted in Photobucket. At first I didn’t know that Photobucket was no longer free. So, I didn’t have any idea why all my images hosted in photobucket weren’t showing in my blogs. From what I read, photobucket wasn’t free anymore and you need to pay in order to host your image. Sadly, because i used their site for longest time and i find their site very easy to use. I don’t think their site will comeback for free again so i searched another program similar to photobucket and luckily found Imgur. After I signed up i started to use this program right away. I think similar to photobucket, this site is very easy to use. I hope this site will be available for free forever and won’t charge just like what Photobucket is doing.