PF: Plantation Bay

Last February we had our short vacation in Cebu-Bohol. One of the places we visited was Plantation Bay in Cebu. Here are some photos of Kyla … in the photos my little Kyla is having a leisurely walk in the place.

My SIL and my niece at the back

In the last photo maybe she was tired already so she decided to stop for a while and just have fun in the sand. I’m linking this post in Pink Fridays, join us every Friday.

Pink Fridays: 2 in 1 cake

Yesterday I wrote about the double celebration we had in the house, my mother’s 70th birthday and my nephew who was graduated in high school. I forgot to upload the cake which should be posted yesterday so I just decided to make it as my share for Pink Fridays.

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PF: Kyla and her new friend

My Pink Fridays entry for today is about Kyla and her new found friend. My two weeks job in my sister Internet Café has been finished. Kyla met friend during the time I am working there, her name is Alyana. Anyway, these photos were taken in the shop. By the way this is the first time that Kyla wore this pretty Dora’s shirt (thanks Tita Malene for the shirt)

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PF: To shoot or not

It’s Friday once again meaning time for Pink Fridays. These photos were taken last night. In the photos Kyla is wearing pink dress so I decided to link it on Pink Fridays.

I asked her to give me a nice pose but she’s not in the mood to take her a picture so I end up with this picture.

I tried for the second time but she runs in the stairs and doesn’t want me to shoot her …. Waaaaahhhh!!

Finally in the third attempt  she’s ready to smile so she gives me this cute smirk 🙂

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Flowers for Pink Fridays

Pink Fridays is here once again where you are free to link your pink stuff. So for this week my entry is pink flower. Those pink flowers below can be seen in my mother’s front yard. Sorry i don’t know the name of the flowers i like flowers but I’m not familiar with their names. I think the second photo is an orchid flower, correct me if I’m wrong. I find them pretty so I captured them and now linking it to Pink Fridays. Want to see more Pink Fridays? Click the badge below. Happy Pink Fridays.

Benefits of Toy Block

Kyla loves to play her toy block. It is made of plastic with different designs and colors. These blocks provide many benefits on children. Like for example it builds strength in a child’s fingers and hands and improves eye-hand coordination. Aside from that children also learn about the different shapes. Playing blocks also help children to make friends with others. They encourage interaction and imagination. Children can develop their vocabularies as they learn to describe sizes, shapes and positions. They will learn how to be independent by making their own design. These are just some of the many educational benefits of playing toy block.

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