SAHM Collections Plants vs Zombies Giveaway

My daughter loves to play Plants vs Zombies and sometimes she imitates the zombies. So when I saw Plants vs Zombies Plush Toys giveaway I immediately read the mechanics. I showed it to my daughter and she said “wow I want that” ahahah. So for my daughter I’m joining this giveaway from SAHM Collections, Reviewer’s Haven, Bulinggit Corner & Blogging from Home.

For more information on how to join just visit the contest page – SAHM Collections Plants vs Zombies Plush Toys and a Book Giveaway.

Do i need to be bothered?

Kyla knew how to use computer/laptop already. I remember the time she is still clueless on how laptop works. She always asking me to write anything here. That time she is happy just by typing any letters in Microsoft Word. And when she discovered that she can play here, she asked for some help. She will insist to open any game but I will be the one to play. She will just look while I am playing. But I think last month I taught her how to use or handle the mouse properly and guess what she learns faster than I expected. She started to play Dora the Explorer on her own in Nickelodeon site. She is very happy that she can dress up Dora. Few days after, I was landed in Sesame street site. There are different games to play and you can choose regarding your age. Anyway to cut the story short now that she knew how to handle the mouse do I need to be bothered? Her latest addiction now is playing Plants vs Zombies. At 3 years old Kyla can play already online. Though she’s not that good I mean she can’t beat all the zombies but she is happy looking at the zombies dying. My dilemma now is she always wanted to use the laptop. Even after she woke up she will insists to play online. I don’t like her to be hooked in online games or just by using computer because we all know that too much exposure here can give some negative effect in our health.