Thoughts about ISIS

I heard the news about ISIS few days ago. I didn’t mind it but it has been in the news everyday and got alarmed already. ISIS or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant did brutal doings like killing of innocent civilian especially in Iraq and Syria. They are part of the terrorist and said to be the richest in all terrorist.  ISIS funds itself through oil and an extortion racket.

There’s a rumor that they already entered our country and recruiting Filipino to join their group. Usually they recruit out of school youth and mentioned places particularly in Mindanao. There are photos of young Filipinos posing in black flag, this black flag symbolizes ISIS. Although the genuinely of the photos are still questionable and didn’t confirm the legitimacy of the photos or might be these people are just inspired by ISIS.

There’s also news saying this ISIS plans to kill Pope Francis during his visit in the Philippines next year. This is very alarming and I hope our country is ready in this kind of situation. I heard the Presidential Security Group (PSG) would lead the security of Pope Francis. Well, whether it’s true or not that this group is already here in our country, I hope our government is ready so no innocent citizens would be suffered. It’s in my prayer that this ISIS group won’t operate here in the Philippines and all over the world. It would be alarming and frightening so we should be ready and alert at all times.