Pasayahan sa Lucena 2012 – Flores de Mayo with Kapamilya and Kapuso Stars

Today is the fourth day celebration of Pasayahan sa Lucena 2012. For today’s activity Lucena had Flores de Mayo. According to them the event will start at around 3 pm, my daughter and I arrived in the place past 3 pm but I noticed Flores de Mayo hasn’t started yet. There are many Lucenahin and other people from nearby places came to witness the event. I heard others already complaining because of long wait, about two hours. Well what can we expect “Filipino time” is always Filipino time. 

Gladly, I have a bottle of water, lollipops and peanut so my daughter munches it while waiting. Finally, after two hours standing I heard soldiers playing instruments meaning Flores de Mayo will be starting in a bit. Anyway, the long wait is over and the event started. Fashion designers in Quezon dressed beautiful and handsome Lucenahin. I will share some of the photos in my fashion blog very soon. 

I heard other people shouted and I realized because there are celebrities who joined Flores de Mayo. As the celebrities go nearer in my place I saw GMA artist; Bianca King and her handsome partner. People from my back said the guy is from GMA as well. I am not Kapuso normally I watch shows in ABS-CBN so I know only few artists in GMA. Anyway, ten more partners passed by then other celebrities came out. People shouted and it is because of Bianca Manalo and Mateo Guidicelli. Wow, Mateo is really good-looking man but he is a bit darker, I know he is a mestizo, I guess because of too much exposure to the sun because its summer. Bianca Manalo is beautiful and sexy now I know why John Prats got in love with her. 

Aside from them I saw TV host; Cory Quirino, she is really a mestiza walking with the Mayor of Lucena City and others. Rene Salud who is a fashion icon also joined this year’s Flores de Mayo. Overall, even though we waited for so long it’s worth it because we saw celebrities and the different gowns created by Quezon fashion designers are really beautiful and should be proud of.