Bye Summer, Hello School

Time flies, my daughter is already in grade 3. In less than a week it is school time once again. It only means I need to wake up early morning again because her school time is 7:15 in the morning. My daily errands during school day is preparing her breakfast and assist her in everything including bathing, wearing uniform, while eating and sending her in school. I need to wake up early in the morning because I need to cook her breakfast. Before my mother was the one who prepared breakfast but because of her health condition, I’m the one preparing my daughter’s breakfast. Well, this is the right thing to do because I’m the mother and responsible for my daughter. I should not let other do things for my daughter but asking for help is fine.

Anyway, I’m not ready to go back in school. I’m still thinking of summer, why time is flying? Just like me, my daughter is not yet ready to go back in school and still sleeping late. Oh well, whether we like it or not, school year 2016-2017 will start in few days.

She was enrolled already but I haven’t bought school supplies. I need to get up and buy her school stuff. I’m planning to recycle her school materials last year to lessen our expenses. Ok, good luck to me and my daughter. I hope this school year would be a better one for her.

Advantages of having BDO Reward Card

Daughter needs to bring small shoebox in school. This is for her grooming kits. I remember last year her teacher also asked them to bring shoebox so I got her old shoe box and wrapped it with Dora designed wrapper. It’s hard in my part because I don’t really have talent in wrapping plus its time-consuming. So this time I decided to buy small storage box instead of wrapping shoebox and killing my time again.  

There are different brands and colors available at SM. Good thing there is small storage box that I actually needed. The price is 80 pesos; the saleslady said the item is already on sale. I don’t think twice and grabbed one. Upon paying, the cashier is asking me if I have SM Advantage card or BDO Reward Card. It is a kind of privilege card that can be used to pay for your purchases if accumulated certain points.

Anyway, I asked the cashier if I have already points or money earned in my card. She said I have 69 pesos and it can be used already to pay my purchase. That’s what I did, but I only used 60 pesos and paid the remaining 20 pesos. It’s like I paid it for only 20 pesos. I’m thankful because I have my BDO reward card which is really helpful especially if you have so many points earned.