First Time Shopping on Shopee

Shopee is another place to shop online. I know this online store for a long time but didn’t check it until I searched for sites that I could sell my preloved items. One of the searches result was Shopee. It turns out different because instead of selling my preloved items, I enjoy browsing their sites and find cheap items.

There are thousands of products to choose from different categories. I have so many things I wanted to buy. There was one site that I chose more than ten items and will pay for less than P400. When I about to check out my items, it didn’t turn out well. I have to message Shopee using FB messenger and inquire my dilemma. So, Shopee told me that if the seller doesn’t provide courier to ship in our place there is no way to deliver my order. So in the end, all these items went to junk.

I shop again in different stores and same problem I experienced. I wanted to give up Shopee, but before doing it, I tried another shop and told myself that this would be the last shop if it will not work then goodbye Shopee. So thankful after so many tries it did work. The seller has courier that could bring my parcel in my place. I will talk about my first order in my next post.