Grand Magical Christmas Parade 2018

Daughter and I look forward to Grand Magical Christmas Parade yearly. This happens in one of the malls near our place. I forgot the first time it started but I’m sure me and my daughter were there. She was little that time and now that she is already 11, we still love to watch grand magical Christmas parade and take photos with them after the show. 
Here’s 2018 Grand Magical Christmas Parade happened last December 16.  They will come back this coming Sunday. Just like the first one, the show will be seen 3 times on December 16 at 12noon, 3 pm and 6pm. 

DQ at SM City Lucena

Dairy Queen (DQ) finally opened a month ago here at SM City Lucena. I was so excited that I wrote a post  even the store isn’t yet opened. Finally Lucenahin can enjoy the delicious taste of DQ products. Too bad I didn’t see the opening of the store and really clueless when will it happen. Well, the store opened last September 25 and I went to the mall after that day. I thought it was the opening day but the staff informed me that it was already their second day. It’s been a month and I hope DQ will stay as long as SM City Lucena is here, hahah! Hope many will patronize the store because of their luscious soft-served ice cream and with the way they served up side down is different from other ice cream stores. Looks like I have big loved for DQ, lol!.

 photo dairy queen sm lucena_zpscnrl4ujz.jpg
The store is not big in fact it is located under the stair but
I think better place because many are passing in that area of the mall.

I saw my sister-in-law in one of the banks at the mall and asked her to taste DQ if haven’t tried. She was too kind to treat me a strawberry banana blizzard. This was the second purchased from DQ. The first was with my daughter and if I remember right she ordered chocolate with kitkat (hope I’m right). It’s important to bring camera all the time so nothing will be missed, hahah!

strawberry banana blizzard photo dairy queen strawberry banana_zpsslal31o6.jpg
The blizzard served upside down or it’s FREE,
Php 69 for smaller size

Dairy Queen soon SM City Lucena

The other day I was in the mall and saw vacant space surrounded by words “Dairy Queen soon to open”. I was happy reading the public notice. Dairy Queen abbreviated (DQ) known for soft serve ice cream and other variety of frozen products. I can’t remember when was the first I ate their ice cream but if my memory is right the store’s located in Divisoria or Greenhills, sorry not really sure. Anyway, my dairy queen photo dairy queen_zps96qcbccy.jpgnieces from Canada were the one who introduced Dairy Queen to us. They said the ice cream tastes really good. So we tried blizzard and indeed it’s yummy.

I visit Manila not often so even I’m starving for a DQ’s ice cream, it would be impossible to get it right away. Last summer we were in Baguio, after a year (I guess); I tasted DQ for the second time and the taste still the same. I really liked their frozen foods they are offering so when I saw they will be opening here in our place I was so delighted.

My daughter likes DQ as well; I shared my happiness to her and like what I’m expecting she was very happy. She was excited and asking me when will be the opening. Well, there is no advice from the mall but I’m pretty sure this will be soon. I just hope that people here in our place will patronize Dairy Queen so I will have a chance to taste their foods whenever I want.

Fireworks Display at SM City Lucena

Christmas celebration at SM City Lucena isn’t complete without fireworks display. So today they started the first fireworks show for this year. Daughter was excited to see the fireworks display so she waited in the balcony for longer hours. SM City Lucena is near to us so we always witness fireworks display even just staying at home.


Daughter liked the fireworks she saw but it took only 5 minutes. Well, still we enjoyed it and besides it’s free. Too bad I don’t have good camera to capture or record it. Anyway, were looking forward to 3 more fireworks display happening on December 22, 25 and 30.

Giant Mascots or Higantes

By any chance have you encountered huge mascots or Higantes. Higantes commonly stand as high as 10ft. tall and often see them in any occasions like town fiesta, festivals and other events. They always present in Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon and Pasayahan sa Lucena to amuse people.

Higantes fitted with colorful costumes and have friendlier faces which make them very attractive. Higantes can walk, dance, run and perform various acts that give entertainment to young and old viewers. They are one of the attractions during town fiestas and festivals.

Anyway, last week of May we had Pasayahan sa Lucena. One of the events was grand parade happened last May 28. We wanted to watch the said parade but when we passed by at SM City Lucena all the participants are already coming. We saw Higantes standing at the sidewalk. So here is my daughter with Vince my sister in law’s nephew posed for a souvenir photograph with one of Higantes.

SM City Lucena 3 Day Sale

Today is the second day of the 3 Day sale here in SM City Lucena. So my mother, my niece and I went today to shop a little. I think this kind of sale is happening only once a year so we don’t waste the opportunity to shop with discount. There are so many shoppers; it looks like people have no financial problem, hahah!  

Shopping is fun but at the same time it’s tiring but worth it because we got discounts and freebies. In connection with 3 day sale there are lots of discounts and freebies privilege for shopper. Also shopper has a chance to win1 of 3 Eee PCX 101H PC Netbook. To win shopper is given one raffle coupon for every 500 pesos accumulated purchase and for every 1,000 pesos, shopper has a chance to win Five of iPhone 4S.  Who wouldn’t like to win these awesome prizes? How I wish to win any of these prizes, my blogger friends here said I am lucky because I always win in giveaways online so I hope this luck will not just ends here in blogosphere.

Its a tiring day today but on a lighter note my daughter will come back tomorrow here. She spent one week vacation in Manila with her grandmother and grandfather who just came here for short vacation from Paris, France. I am so excited and missed my daughter so much because this is the first time she sleeps in other place without me. Ahhhhh, I can’t wait for tomorrow =). 

Christmas launched in SM City Lucena

Christmas launched in SM City Lucena last Saturday (November 12). Though I don’t witness the whole program but I’m able to witness the countdown. After the countdown, the red and white telon was removed to show the giant Christmas tree.  Part of this SM City Lucena invited the children of DSWD for some gift giving.

Just some updates:

  • I’m still using my sister’s desktop.
  • I already sent my lappy in the technician. I hope by tomorrow it would be usable.
  • I will back in my normal routine online if everything is fine. Thanks for the visit.

How’s your weekend?

It’s been a busy weekend for me. Yesterday we went to the mall to find Kyla’s costume for United Nations. Nursery will represent the country of Mexico. I found one in the mall but I don’t like the tops though the skirt is pretty nice. I went to different stores but can’t find one. So I have no choice but to visit the tailor shop. I will make a separate post about her costume after they used it.

After we went to the tailor shop we headed to Jollibee in SM City Lucena to get Kyla’s ticket for Trick or Treat. This is the second time that Kyla will join Trick or Treat in Jollibee. Anyway, early this morning we went to the beach. There is one nearby beach in our place. But we don’t go there to have some picnic or relaxation. We went there because we believe that swimming in the beach early in the morning can help the kids with their cough and colds problem. My brother, SIL and nephew of my SIL went there since Kyla wanted to go to the beach so we joined them. I think we just stayed for almost 1 hour. This is the second time that Kyla went on the beach (the first one was in Puerto Galera).

This afternoon, I made Mexico flag. It took hourssss just to finish one flag, lol. I had problem printing back to back of the flag. But after so long I made it, sigh. 

We reviewed her Science subject. Their 2nd Quarterly examination will be on Tuesday so I hope she will get high scores again in all her subjects.

Till here … sorry for not updating my 5 blogs often. Kyla has so many activities for this month but I will be back on my normal routine before the end of October (that would be Kyla’s semester break). Thanks for dropping by.

GMA Kapuso Stars

Some of GMA Kapuso Stars went in SM City Lucena today. I think they were invited because of the 50th Anniversary of Lucena as a city. Among the GMA stars present were Dingdong Dantes, Jolina Magdangal, Marvin Agustin and Hiro Magalona. The Kapuso stars also invited Lucenahin to watch their new show in GMA Iglot it’s a fantasy series. It’s about a child who found a giant egg that contains a magical creature inside. The main characters in Iglot are former Kapamilya stars Claudine Barretto, Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin. This show will be aired on August 29 in primetime.

Anyway, when we went on the event center there were many people patiently waiting for the GMA Kapuso stars to come out in the stage. I have no idea how many people came to witness the stars but its copious so we didn’t stay in the main event. We just stayed in the food court though we still saw the celebrities but not too close. Well it’s better than to cram in many people. 

I took photo of the people watching the show this not covered all the people I only took photo on my front. Some of the children and even adult standing in the table of food court just to witness the GMA stars. 

Huge Heart in SM City Lucena

Days are passing by so quickly time again for Mellow Yellow Monday as well as Ruby Tuesday. This is the first time I actually joined the two meme in one post. So here is my chosen photo, today is the last day of love month so I want to share this photo with you all. This was taken few days ago in SM City Lucena as you can see it’s a huge heart inline with the celebration of Valentine’s Day. The girl sitting in the bench is my daughter Kyla who’s not always game to pose in camera hehe. She’s looking in somewhere while holding her hat with some red colors on it. Anyway, I hope you can see also the yellow things here.  Some of the people passing by are carrying yellow plastic. Also the paintings have yellow color. There is yellow thing at the back of the red heart I guess it’s the small booth that sells mobile cards.