Weather is Getting Colder

The weather is getting colder and colder everyday. My daughter’s time in school is 8am. Her school isn’t near at our house so we need to get ready and leave the house at least 30 minutes before her school time. My wake up time is 6am but lately it’s hard for me to get up from bed because of the weather conditions.

Last week my daughter went back to school from Holiday vacation. The weather is really cold since the start of January. I didn’t feel this kind of weather last November and December specifically. I was complaining that I didn’t feel Christmas because of the warm weather. Anyway, when January comes, the weather is really cold reason why it’s hard for me and daughter to wake up early.

According to the weather report, we will be experiencing this kind of weather until next month; February. Honestly, I like this kind of weather but thinking that I’m being lazy when the weather condition is like this, I wonder if I really like the cold we have everyday, heheh. And besides, this cold weather brings illness. My daughter has colds and cough but thankful because it’s not severe, Glory to God. I hope she will be okay because next week is their examination.

Anyhow, I won’t complain and just embrace the weather we have. It’s not always cold in the country and it’s not huge compared to other countries who are suffering from snowstorm.