How did i start blogging?

Writing is not my passion, I don’t even write diary when I was young. But when I was introduced to blogosphere two years ago I began to love writing. My primary purpose when I started blogging was to earn money but later on it became my passion and way of sharing and introducing me to others. I’ma a quiet person but through blogging I learned to express myself. Starting a blog is hard at first but in the long run you will learn day by day. Before I don’t even know how to put link, add images and alike. But I was thankful because there are many friends online who are willing to help. So, grateful I am because I was introduced in blogosphere and I found true friend here.

Anyway, recently my sister-in-law asked me about blogging. So I gave her some lectures and she was convinced to start her own blog.  Just like me she doesn’t know anything about blogging. But she is willing to learn so now she is on her 4 months. She mentioned to me last time that so far she is enjoying here in blogosphere. Well, what more if she earns through her blog.

My dear readers if you wanted to learn about blog don’t hesitate to ask or read information’s online. There are many available forums or sites that offer tutorial. So let us start blogging and be heard, hahah!