Internet Connection

Since yesterday I have problem with my internet connection. It’s not because there is problem with my provider but because I haven’t paid yet my monthly bill. My bill was supposed to be last Friday and now its Monday already. No, its not that I don’t have the money the thing is I always forget to drop by in Sun Cellular office to settle my bill. So now I am using my sister’s computer, good thing it has internet. But sometimes this computer is so annoying. The more sites i opened the larger the possibility of getting hanged.  So bear with me if I couldn’t visit you. I will do it once I settled my bill. Have a nice weekend!

I’m back!

The last time I updated this blog was six days ago sharing about my Sun Broadband USB which was accidentally busted by my nephew. I thought that I will buy a new one because many of the technicians I had talked said that it’s not an easy thing to do and blah blah blah. The last option was to visit the cellphone technician and I’m glad he made it. He just opened the USB and glued some part and voila it’s now usable again. I’m glad because it’s saved a lot of money from 1,245 pesos (price of a new sun broadband usb) I just paid 130 pesos, it’s a lot of savings right. Well, I’m happy that I’m back …Thank you all for visiting and leaving valuable comments will surely back the favor 🙂