Practical Home Décor Ideas

It’s one thing to page through the home décor magazines and look at picture perfect homes where it seems no one actually lives; it’s quite another thing to be faced with you own place filled with teenage and kids bedding, toys, clothing and the chaos that seems to go hand in hand with family life. While it would be nice to live like they do in the magazines, the reality is that you probably need more practical home décor solutions.

Maybe the bathroom is crowded with all sorts of toys, toiletries and stuff that could be better stored elsewhere – take stock of each item and think about where it could best be stored. Things like bathroom and powder room accessories and sets can help to organize and store articles and create a neater and more coordinated look. Stick with solid colors in a neutral palette when you have a small bathroom as they open up the space more than a print or pattern will. Mirrors can help to make any room look larger and they are especially helpful in a bathroom.

Hampers are a great family-friendly décor aid – use them to store spare bedding, toys, stuffed animals, towels and seasonal clothing. Something as simple as a set of plastic laundry baskets can be useful for getting small children in the habit of picking up after themselves; place a laundry basket by the back door to collect shoes, wet clothing and other stuff. Invest in some pop-up hampers – they are especially handy because they are there when you need them and fold flat for easy storage when you don’t; use them to store sporting goods, pool toys, beach gear and more.