Thank You for Everything

So far 2017 New Year’s celebration was the happiest and memorable one for me. All my family gathered together to celebrate Holiday season. My sisters from Paris and Canada together with their family went home here in the Philippines to celebrate Holiday season.  This is not always happen in fact first time we celebrate New Year together. And the first time we got together again after so many years. 

Only few days ago that we celebrated New Year and what I remembered was just happiness. Normally, when I celebrate New Year, is only with my other siblings living here and now that my siblings from Canada and Paris was here to celebrate this special event was really blessing for the whole family.

I am so thankful for my siblings and their family for being so generous. My daughter and I received lots of stuff like clothes, shoes, school supplies, chocolates, cash and a lot more pasalubong and papasko. 

I want to extend my gratitude to my niblings. They were generous as well to my daughter and also my daughter’s grandparents for sending Christmas card and money. My daughter and I appreciate all your kindness. We can’t pay you back especially material thing, my daughter and I just pray that all of you will be guided and blessed by our Almighty God. Thank you again for everything.

Thank you very much :)

Its 1st day of the month of March time flies so quickly isn’t it? Remembered the first post of this blog? Ok, now this blog is celebrating its 1 month and 1 week old. I am surprised to see that I have 73 followers already hmmm that was quick to reach. My Working at home blog reached 73 followers when its almost a year old of existing. So I am really thankful – thank you so much really you know who you are :). In this short span I wrote 37 posts including this one, 475 approved comments and another 56 from spammers, lol. Now I just think if these spammers are really a threat in this blog or a friendly one hehe because they served as my traffic also hmmm… correct me if I’m wrong.

I even got 2 opps already from Blogsvertise and hopefully i will get the payment this month.

Another thing to thankful is my alexa ranking. When this blog started I have less than 2 Million now in a short period it’s now down to 360 Thousand. So I guess PR or Page Rank is the next thing to work on. Obviously this blog has no PR yet and hoping that the next time that Mr. G would give an update this humble blog will receive one, Mr. G have mercy, lol. Again, thank you very much for your support in this blog and for leaving comments in my posts. Hope it will not stop here but it will last forever … a million thanks 🙂