4 Tips for Improving the Exterior of Your Home

The exterior of your home may need a few improvements, and your neighbors and visiting family members have probably mentioned this when they visit. Outdoor renovations can be performed at any time of the year, but if you live in a northern climate with long winters, the late fall may be your last chance to work outside until next spring. Maintaining and improving your property’s exterior can increase property values and keep your neighbors in your good graces. Landscaping, gardening, pressure washing and painting are some of the tasks you can complete to improve your yard and home.


The landscaping is the first thing visitors will see when they visit, and some neighborhood covenants require homeowners to maintain the lawn, shrubs and trees regularly. Trimming your bushes and trees keeps them from interfering with power lines, fencing and your neighbor’s landscaping. It also promotes spring budding and removes extraneous limbs to allow the plant to focus its energy on producing flowers and fruit. To conserve moisture and reduce weed growth, you can apply four inches of mulch around the shrubs and trees in your yard.


Keep your garden looking healthy all year by removing dying plants and placing them in a compost bin. A four-inch layer of mulch or straw will inhibit weed growth, and summer crops can be replaced with cold-weather varieties or winter ground cover.

Pressure Washing

Mildew and debris buildup can darken your driveway, walking paths and patio. Pressure washing is an excellent method for cleaning concrete, stone, brick and metal. If you need professional assistance, you can use equipment cleaning Las Vegas NV.


Painting your home can make an enormous difference on your property’s appearance, and it prevents mildew growth and rotten wood from lowering your property values. If you have some experience with outdoor painting and feel confident working in higher elevations, you can save several thousand dollars if you paint the house yourself.

With a little assistance, you can improve the exterior of your property without spending a fortune.