Tips For Taking Care of the Tractor

The classic John Deere green is associated with farming ventures all across the country, but it’s more than a sign of how far the country has come from an agrarian lifestyle. Several of the food sources for fruits and grains for the world would be in jeopardy without the agricultural industry of the United States. However, some folks just prefer the quiet yet hard-working atmosphere of a farm, and without their tractor, they wouldn’t survive. If you are the proud owner of what many consider vital parts of the family, then you should take the time to treat it well.  

Replace Old Fuel

Each summer, you should fill the tank with new fuel. This reduces your risk of engine buildup and keeps the tractor running smoothly. Check the other fluids and oil as well, to protect the engine from overheating.

Inspect the Battery

If your tractor has been sitting idle for a while, your battery can discharge. If this happens, it can be an extra burden on the alternator and could cause long-term engine damage. Use a high-powered charge to re-juice the battery, but also inspect all the connections and clean them thoroughly.

Assess the Tires

Before taking it back into the filed, check your tires for cracks in the rubber. Be sure the tires are inflated to the recommended level. Replace tires once you notice wear and tear in order to avoid a blowout.

Sharpen Attachments

Tractor maintenance should extend to your attachment pieces. If you use a universal quick attach adapter, you might have several tools that need to be sharpened, cleaned, or greased. If you don’t replace equipment that is grinding or squealing, you can be putting an extra drag on your engine.

To get the most out of your electric horse, have a routine maintenance plan set up for your equipment. You can also schedule your tune-up just before spring and summer to make sure your equipment will be efficient when needed the most.