Second Trick or Treat for this Year

So busy in my offline stuff for the past days so I’m not able to update this blog. I should share this thing two weeks ago but forgot to do so. Anyway, aside from attending trick or treat in school my daughter also attended trick or treat in one of the hotels in our area. This was her first time to attend trick or treat wherein hotel is the venue. She used to attend in school and trick or treat in Jollibee. But for this year I didn’t join her in Jollibee. There are many participants every year in Jollibee I think all the Jollibee branches in Quezon province are gathered in one place yearly. I don’t want to mingle with hundred of parents and participants so I chose to join in one of the hotels here.

The fee amount is Php 250 which includes pumpkin basket, face painting, photo booth and food. I was surprised with the pumpkin basket because it’s so little, haha. Even the apple that they gave didn’t fit in this pumpkin basket.


Anyway, daughter wanted to have butterfly on her face so here she is while the paint artist is putting her requested butterfly. On photo booth we got 4 shots.


These are the foods included in the package. Well, I’m not satisfied with the foods. The spaghetti noodles are so thin but the taste is quite good. There is white pasta but lacking of flavor. Pizza is good but I think they only used tasty bread. For the dessert there are cupcakes with Halloween theme. Well, the one I tasted was banana cup cake, quite good.


After eating children were asked to go in different offices of the hotel for the trick or treat. Daughter got 1 apple, small imported chocolates, candies and cookies. There is one room where the kids are giving 1-2 minutes (I think) to find the hidden goodies. It’s hard to find because it has dim light. The goodies were hidden under the bed, pillows, drawer, tables, and blankets. Daughter didn’t get anything in that room so the staff gave her some candies.

Overall, it’s a nice experience but I’m not sure if we will attend here again next year. I want my daughter to experience other trick or treat event maybe in the mall next time, we will see!

How’s your weekend?

It’s been a busy weekend for me. Yesterday we went to the mall to find Kyla’s costume for United Nations. Nursery will represent the country of Mexico. I found one in the mall but I don’t like the tops though the skirt is pretty nice. I went to different stores but can’t find one. So I have no choice but to visit the tailor shop. I will make a separate post about her costume after they used it.

After we went to the tailor shop we headed to Jollibee in SM City Lucena to get Kyla’s ticket for Trick or Treat. This is the second time that Kyla will join Trick or Treat in Jollibee. Anyway, early this morning we went to the beach. There is one nearby beach in our place. But we don’t go there to have some picnic or relaxation. We went there because we believe that swimming in the beach early in the morning can help the kids with their cough and colds problem. My brother, SIL and nephew of my SIL went there since Kyla wanted to go to the beach so we joined them. I think we just stayed for almost 1 hour. This is the second time that Kyla went on the beach (the first one was in Puerto Galera).

This afternoon, I made Mexico flag. It took hourssss just to finish one flag, lol. I had problem printing back to back of the flag. But after so long I made it, sigh. 

We reviewed her Science subject. Their 2nd Quarterly examination will be on Tuesday so I hope she will get high scores again in all her subjects.

Till here … sorry for not updating my 5 blogs often. Kyla has so many activities for this month but I will be back on my normal routine before the end of October (that would be Kyla’s semester break). Thanks for dropping by.