2012 is it the end of the world?

How is your weekend so far? After the saddened news yesterday regarding Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan I hope everything is fine. The last news i heard about this is that there are 1,000 who are already dead and 500 are missing. It’s sad that this thing is happening all over the world. Why do you think this thing is happening now? Is it true that 2012 is the end of the world? Anyway, my niece shared a text regarding 2012. Looking back at 9/11 attack, it happened 9- 11- 2001 and yesterday the 8.8 Earthquake struck Japan which is 3 -12 – 2011… if you will add the numbers you will have this 12 – 23 – 2012. But, personally I don’t believe in 2012. I know God will come to judge the living and the dead and it’s a surprise thing so we should always be prepared for that.

Enjoy the rest of weekend and God bless everyone!