Typhoon Nona please go away

It’s been raining here in my place since yesterday because of typhoon Nona (international name Melor). The sad thing is only few days to go before Christmas and we still experiencing typhoon. I heard another typhoon is coming after this typhoon Nona. Last night we were under signal 3 and as of today under signal 1. Despite of this, I’m still thankful because we are only experiencing rains and no power interruption. I hope this typhoon wouldn’t cause harm for all the affected areas since Christmas is approaching. Same with the other typhoon that PAGASA is also monitoring. 

My daughter has no classes since yesterday. She wanted to go back in school because of their Christmas party this coming Friday. Aside from Christmas party, she was excited for Christmas cantata. This was their activity yesterday but since there were no classes until today, I don’t know when this activity will push through.

I wanted to go out also to buy gifts for her classmates but I’m lazy to do it because of the rains.  So, I really really hope that this typhoon would leave our country and no casualty at all so we will have a merry merry Christmas.

Typhoon typhoon go away …

For two days already classes were suspended here in our place. Though were not really affected by typhoon Juaning still Quezon province was under Signal No. 2.  So DepEd suspended classes from preschooler to high school department.  But we only experienced some rainy showers but beyond that nothing awful things are happening right now. But I heard in the news that many casualties were already reported in the nearby places that were truly affected by this typhoon. So sorry for those who have been affected I hope our government can do/ready and learned from the past experiences like in Typhoon Ondoy. 

Anyway, this typhoon still in our country but another typhoon was predicted by PAGASA. I hope this will not turn into a typhoon I don’t think our kababayan (fellow countrymen) are ready for another one.