Vice Ganda and Ion Perez in relationship?

One of my favorite shows is It’s Showtime. This show makes me happy everytime I’m watching their show. All the hosts give their best to make madlang people happy everyday but Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis present in the show is different. These two make me laugh especially if they are together hosting the show. Speaking of Vice Ganda people are speculating that Vice is in relationship with Ion Perez.

Who is Ion Perez? His real name is Benigno Perez, a 27 year-old from Concepcion, Tarlac. He won Mister Universe Tourism pageant in May 2018. He was known as Kuya Escort in the previous Miss Q and A segment of It’s Showtime. He becomes popular from this segment and even Miss Q and A was already finished, Ion still in It’s Showtime making madlang people happy in the new segment of the said show.

Anyway, if Vice and Ion are in relationship, I’m happy with them. I loved Vice Ganda and whoever makes Vice happy, I will support their relationship all the way.  Vice Ganda deserves to be happy and if Ion is the man then let us be happy with them.

Vice Ganda is in Guam for his concert; Vice Ganda: Ang Fantastic Concert ng Vaklang Twoooh! Together with Ion and Ate Girl (Jacky).

Who Doesn’t Love Korean Drama?

Who doesn’t love korean drama? I have youtube channel that shares korean drama. I was surprised to know that many are hooked in kdrama all over the world based on the visitors checking on my posts. I forgot when was the first time and what was the first Kdrama I watched. If my memory is right, it was Autumn in my Heart. I cried a lot on this one. Sadly, Song Hye Kyo died in the said drama but overall I liked the story. From then on, I started to watch Kdrama so its been a decade.  

 Before in order to watch Kdrama, I had to rent a DVD but this time it is easy to watch korean drama. You can even watch the latest kdrama airing in Korea. I have favorite site that I watch korean drama and the nice thing about this site, i can download it first and watch later during my free time.

Anyway, why I suddenly talk about korean? I watched Its Showtime and heard Anne Curtis mentioned Gong Yoo. If you doesn’t know him, he was the lead actor in the movie “Train to Busan” and also he was from the kdrama “Goblin” last aired January 2017. So, Anne is watching korean drama as well. Even celebrity like her in love with korean drama. Anne Curtis is watching Goblin which I just finished few days ago.  Oh by the way, Vice Ganda was also a fan of korean drama. He is watching Love in the Moonlight,  this one is currently airing on abscbn. I watched Vice Ganda’s celebration of his birthday in GGV and Jin Young one of the casts of Love in the Moonlight greeted Vice Ganda. Wow!   

I have to admit that I’m enjoying korean drama than our own series. Sorry to say that but I really love their stories whether it is comedy, drama, fictional or whatever, hahah!. And also the charm and looks of the actors and actresses. I also like the scenery and their foods. I really like them so I hope one day I will have a chance to visit Korea. Saranghae :>

Senior citizen in Lucena can now enjoy Free movie

My mother is already a senior citizen. And as a senior citizen she receives discount in foodstuff, fare, medicine and other privilege from different establishments. Last Pasayahan sa Lucena (fiesta celebration) city mayor announced that the senior citizen will now enjoy FREE movie passes. Well, finally after 3-4 months of waiting the project has been approved. Now, the senior citizen in Lucena who has senior ID can now enjoy free movie.

google photo

My sister is working in city hall so its easy for her to get stuff like senior’s ID (mother has this for a long time already and enjoying the benefits), documents from the city hall, and this booklet that will serves as ticket in the cinema. So, yesterday sister already gave a booklet to my mother. A friend told me that last week there was a long line of senior citizens waiting to receive their own booklet.

Anyway, thumbs up for this project. My mother used to watch movie with us or with her sister. Too bad her sister (my aunt) is not living in our place so she is excluded to receive this booklet. Good for my mother because she can now enjoy free movies and will save more money.

This booklet can be used twice a month (if I’m not mistaken). They are allowed to use the booklet anytime or any day except Wednesday (first day of showing) and during Holidays.

Mother is planning to use this booklet this weekend. She wants to watch This Guy’s in Love with you Mare (for sure you know this movie) starring Vice Ganda, Toni Gonzaga and Luis Manzano.

So, how to use this booklet?Just present the booklet  in the cinema. Let it sign by the in-charged and enjoy free movie.

Well, thanks to all who made this project. Definitely an early Christmas present especially to the senior citizens  of Lucena. 

Praybeyt Benjamin

We watched The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin today starring Vice Ganda as the title role. Other cast includes Jimmy Santos, Eddie Garcia, Derek Ramsay, Nikki Valdez, Kean Cipriano, DJ Durano, Vandolph Quizon, Carlos Agassi and a lot more. This is directed by Wenn Deramas under Star Cinema and Viva Films.

Praybeyt Benjamin tells a story of a gay son of an ex military commander (Jimmy Santos) who was forced to train like a military in order to save the country and his family from a national crisis. 

My review  opinion:

This movie is so funny. I watched Vice Ganda’s first starring movie Petrang Kabayo but I must say that Praybeyt Benjamin was funnier than Petrang Kabayo. Love Vice Ganda’s punch line ;). It’s worth it to watch and not a waste of money.  By the way, Praybeyt Benjamin earns almost 29M in first day of airing, wow … congrats to all the casts 😉

Gandang Gabi Vice!

The newest show in ABS-CBN “Gandang Gabi, Vice! has just aired couple of hours ago it was hosted by the one and only Vice Ganda. I watched the one hour show and for me it was entertained me. It’s like watching on a comedy bar. Every Sunday different celebrities will join Vice Ganda. For this episode Vice Ganda’s guests were Kim Chiu, Angeline Quinto and Bea Alonzo. Talking about life and some advices regarding love life but of course Vice Ganda is the host so expect laughter in every conversation.

Here is the preview of the show:

Next week I will find time to watch the show. This kind of show is what we need now. They said laughter is the best medicine, so I guess we should really see this show and let’s forget our problem even in an hour.