Reasons to Move to the Seattle Suburbs

Nestled as far Northwest as possible in the continental United States, Washington State is one of the most beautiful places in the country. Each year more families are flocking there from other parts of the nation, and for good reasons. Consider bringing your family to the Great Northwest and find out why firsthand.


Whether your kids are being sent to a public school in Maple Valley or to Sammamish private schools, Washington takes education seriously. The numbers don’t lie:

  • As of January 2019, Washington was ranked the tenth most educated state in the country, while the Seattle-Tacoma area is the ninth most educated city in the country.
  • Washington ranks within the top 20 states for best public school systems.
  • The gender gap in Washington State is getting smaller; the state ranks best in the whole nation for both genders getting an education


There’s a reason that Washington is called the Evergreen State: it is full of trees and natural beauty. This is not limited to plant life; Mount Rainier is the crown jewel of the Seattle area. An active volcano that is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, there is so much beauty in its shadow. Aside from Mount Rainier National Park itself, there are hundreds of other places for outdoorsy types who love nature. Some of these include:

  • Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Snoqualmie Falls
  • Puget Sound
  • Lake Washington


Say what you will about Seattle fans, but they are some of the most passionate and dedicated fans in the country. Whether your sport is football, soccer or baseball, there’s a team for you in Washington.

  • Football: Seahawks
  • Baseball: Mariners
  • Soccer: Sounders
  • Hockey: Thunderbirds

One thing that Seattle fans can boast that is unique to them? They are LOUD AND PROUD. December 3rd, 2013 marked the day that Seahawks fans set the record for the loudest cheering, creating a small earthquake.

One of the most gorgeous places on Earth, it’s easy to fall in love with the Seattle area. Visiting once might result in a lifelong love affair.