Ways to prevent Common Cold

Summer just ended (Philippines) but other part of the world summer is just starting. On the first day of June, Philippines already encountered first typhoon in the named of Ambo. Expect for more because our geographical location is generally produce heavy rains, so we should always be ready at all times. We don’t want another typhoon like Ondoy to destroy our properties or importantly our life. 

Anyway, PAGASA announced rainy season has officially started. Now, that we are on a rainy season once again we should add more security with regards to our health. The common health problem during rainy season is common cold.   It is a viral infection disease of the upper respiratory system which affects primarily the nose. During this time we experience cough, sore throat, runny nose and fever. Better consult your doctor for proper medication. I watched local news the other day and they shared ways to prevent common cold. Some of the things mentioned are intake vitamins regularly, daily exercise, and increase our immune system because this will fight common infection. Aside from that we should practice good hygiene. One way to practice this is through proper washing of our hands especially before and after eating. Take a bath regularly, well Filipino loves to bathe regularly and sometimes more often. Proper cleaning of our house/surroundings in and out will also give positive result to our health.  

Remember, prevention is better than cure.