How to Choose a Dress Shirt

When you start a new job, you want to make a good first impression. One of the unwritten rules is that you dress according to the office culture. Whether formal, casual or a combination, it is important to choose the right clothes to show off your best style. The shirt you choose says a lot about your style and personality.

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In certain industries like banking and insurance, conservative dress is the watchword. White is always acceptable but pastels can also be worn. Soft shades of yellow, blue or green are good choices. Choose a solid color tie or a conservative print or stripe to coordinate with the shirt.

An oxford shirt with a button down collar is a standard style shirt to be worn with a tie. Another standard is the plain pointed collar, also worn with a tie. Standard cuffs have a button closing. French cuffs are a more formal style and require cuff links to close the shirt cuffs. Some shirts are tapered to the body for a better fit.

Shirts may be found in discount stores or in specialty boutiques. The best choice is to get a shirt of good quality fabric with good fit at a good price. Stick to well-known brands for the best buy. For example, Eagle dress shirts will offer many styles, colors and design details at prices to suit any budget. The important thing is to choose a shirt that flatters you and will give you years of wear.