Preparing Your Windows For Winter

Baby, it’s cold outside. Have you seen to your windows so they’ll survive the chill? If you’d like to save yourself expensive repairs and a lot of hassle during harsh Toronto winters, here are three tips to prepare your windows for low temperatures.

1: Insulate Everything

Leave no crack unattended when it comes to winterizing your windows. Pay attention to everything from the glass to the frame to the weather stripping, and apply caulk or sealant to even the tiniest of entry points. You’d be surprised at how much of your roaring fireplace can escape through a small hole.

2: Go Green

Energy-efficient windows can significantly lower your heating bill in the winter. Not only will they prevent the wind from getting in, but they’ll also keep the heat from going out. Look for windows replacement by Thermo-bilt and other similar companies to stay warm and eco-friendly this holiday season.

3: Ask The Experts

If you’ve tried everything else but just can’t keep the cold from seeping through your paned glass, it may be time to seek professional window installation services. They have the skills and training to do what you can’t, and if there’s anything like a foundation problem hindering your DIY efforts, they can fix that as well.

Most homeowners don’t think about protecting their windows from extreme weather until it’s too late, but you don’t have to be one of them. Follow these three tips to make sure your windows survive even the roughest of Canadian winters.

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