Thank you Lord for all the Blessings

Thank you Lord for this day, I feel blessed, I think September is my lucky month, hahah!. I’m so happy because I got so many tasks from one of the sites I’m working. I’m thankful because this site always giving me tasks on a regular basis. Sometimes I got only few bucks from them but it doesn’t matter. Smaller or bigger amount is a blessing and should be forever thankful to this site and from God above. I know He is the one helping me and really thankful to Him, God is using this site!

We are only in the second week of September but I got so many tasks. I checked the other site that I’m working and happy to see tasks as well. Thank you Lord, no words can describe my happiness.

I just wish I have laptop to use in the house to be able to finish all the tasks on time. I have laptop and still usable but again its already old and it function slower than before. I have no choice but to work outside. It would be nice if I work in the house because I feel safer and comfortable. Oh well, need to save because I really need new laptop. Anyway, thank you Lord for everything and please continue giving me blessings especially financial.

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