The Advantages Of A Fiber Optic Internet Connection

Having a high-speed Internet connection is one of the top priorities for most families and businesses. It is such a priority for the community that New York City recently ceded most of its downtown Wi-Fi area to a vendor that promised to deliver free Internet service to people and businesses.

For those that live in homes in communities on the East Coast, high-speed Internet options often boil down to one of several technologies. Among those technologies, fiber optic Internet currently offers the highest possible speed for users.

Why is a faster speed important?

If you use your internet connection to work online and send e-mail and documents back and forth, it may not seem like you have to go beyond the basic high speed connection that you have. Then again, for customers that use local fiber optic service like U-verse in Greensboro, the extra speed is very evident as it allows them to watch multiple HD movies simultaneously without any hiccup or slowdown in their service. They can also download files and listen to the highest quality music recordings without interruption. The faster speed also increases your productivity as a worker, freeing you to use your time to do other things.

Bundles also possible
internet connection photo internet connection_zpsgr5nxilw.png

Another advantage of using fiber optics is that when you have a provider like AT&T, they can bundle cable television and voice services over the same connection, giving you just one bill and one connection to maintain in order to have the fastest service.
Purchasing services that have been bundled is also typically less expensive than it is to purchase them separately. And when you have your phone service installed over fiber optic, the voice quality is so clear that your friends and clients will always enjoy talking with you.

Rise to the top of the gaming world

One of the most obvious benefits of using fiber optic to connect to the Internet is that for people who play online games, there really is no limit when it comes to how well they can perform. If you have a fast computer, you should be able to compete with any of the professional players online. Oftentimes, if they notice that your connection is slower, you won’t be included in group games or matches.

Getting a fiber optic connection through your local service provider in Greensboro or elsewhere helps you to achieve parity with consumers and businesses located anywhere in the world. With competitive pricing available, it becomes an even more compelling choice.

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