The Best Wheel Services Down Under

An independent tyre and mechanical store with a wide variety of product brands and competitive prices, JAXQuickfit is also well-known for the friendly and relaxed environment that they exude. Customers are drawn to their different branches because of the guaranteed customer satisfaction service and the assurance that customers’ need will always be met. You can’t blame car-owners why they always come to their branches for a checkup, wheel alignment, tyre and wheel issues and others concerns. It’s all about the service guarantee!

What makes JAXQuickfit really different from all others is that they offer more than just tyres and wheel products; they also have excellent mechanical work and services that many customers find lacking from similar service centers or tyre shops in the area. Both products and services offered at JAXQuickfit are of wide range and are competitively priced for customers to have more choices and better buying power. If you are in need of some JAXQuickfit wheels or tyres, you can choose from a wide range of wheel brands such as Goodyear, BFGoodrich, Pirelli, Michelin, Dunlop, Bridgestone and many others. They also offer tyre and wheel packages that goes well with any budget for greater savings and service satisfaction. When you visit any of their branches, rest assured that you won’t be disappointed and you won’t want to check out other companies for your car and tyre needs.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to JAXQuickfit, this is why they also have the JAXQuickfit No Hassle Guarantee. Subject to conditions, you can bring in issues with your tyre services on the branch where you had serviced. They will dismantle it, replace or repair any defective parts and then reassemble them back for you free of charge! As their number one priority, JAXQuickfit customers will always have professional, courteous and high quality workmanship that is expected and deserved!

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  1. Interesting wheel services company. Customer satisfaction is the most important in every business. So its nice to hear that they prioritize it as well.

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