What’s the Difference Between an Interior Designer and a Home Decorator?

These two professions are considered one and the same, but there are big differences that make an interior designer and a home decorator 100-percent unique to each other.

What is an Interior Designer?

Interior designers have studied the links between design, décor, and human behaviors. There’s a science and psychology to interior design, which becomes prevalent in the décor preferences that people showcase. Instead of simply choosing a color palette and theme for a room, interior designers get to know someone, then gauge what would work best with their personality, moods, and design favorites.

What is a Home Decorator?

On the other hand, home decorators are professionals that furnish and accentuate a house, one room at a time. Their focus is on creating a beautiful home, using fashionable or trendy décor to construct a well-organized, gorgeous room. There is little personality involved, but home decorators do take the favorites of their clients into account. On some small level, moving companies, like the movers in St Petersburg FL, are impromptu home decorators when they follow your dictation to get the exact look you want when placing your furnishings.

How are Interior Designers and Home Decorators Different?

Interior designers and home decorators are different in the ways they work and create their arts, as both are creative artists in their own rights. When an interior designer is hired, you can expect lots of questions about what you like, love, dislike, and the life experiences that led you to these favorites. Whereas, when you hire a home decorator, you can expect a barrage of creative ideas that are more centered on the architecture of your home, and less on your personality, moods, and preferences.

How are Interior Designers and Home Decorators the Same?

Interior designers and home decorators are the same in that they both use their professions to create amazing visuals out of different rooms. They are both artists, and both have worked hard to construct reliable reputations, good business sense, and a friendliness that keeps their clients coming back over and over again.

Regardless of who you pick, you should check out their portfolios to gauge their capabilities and artistries before you hire from either profession.

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