Why Filipinos Go Gaga over Magnum Ice Cream?

Magnum ice cream is finally here in the Philippines. Actually, they launched it last February 28 and from then everyone is talking about it. Filipinos go gaga over Magnum ice cream and it has been trending in Twitter and Facebook since it was launched.   

I first saw this Magnum ice cream in tv commercial. And from that moment I said I will try it. So last Sunday when we were in Supermarket I bought one; Magnum Chocolate Truffle. It cost 50 pesos quite expensive hah but it’s worth it. I love the taste so yummy. Magnum ice cream bar is coated with a thick layer of cracking Belgian chocolate. 

There are three flavors available here in the Philippines; almond, chocolate truffle and the classic. I liked the chocolate truffle that I tasted but many said almond flavor is more delicious. So I will definitely taste the other two flavors. 

My niece was here earlier and she asked me if I already tried this ice cream. My sister also bought this ice cream today. Everyone is hooked with Magnum ice cream. So have you tasted it? If not go visit leading supermarket (nationwide, I guess) and convenient stores. Price is 50 – 60 pesos depending in the stores.

10 thoughts on “Why Filipinos Go Gaga over Magnum Ice Cream?”

  1. haven’t tasted this one yet! heard a lot about it though! would really love to try this one.. baka nasa ice cream store na dito malapit sa amin.

  2. Pinapasikat to ng mga tao sa FB kaya madami bumili, or masarap lang talaga kaya hindi mapigilan i-share, haha. Kelangan ko na rin yata bumili nito.

  3. I have not yet tasted this magnum and yeah, I already saw this on tv and people got crazy over this magnum ice cream…

  4. Haven’t tried this yet, but I saw women selling these at MOA, then saw it on T.V. ad the next day. Ang late ko naman! hahaha Sabi sa FB overrated daw for its price. I have yet to try it!

  5. am not a chocolate lover that’s why i really don’t appreciate this that until now,i haven’t grab one to taste! it’s overrated too 🙂

  6. for a not-a-chocolate-lover like me, i think it’s not worth it. i was born having no sweet tooth. and i think it’s overrated. pero kaiba nga naman yung chocolate nito.

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