World’s Most Powerful Celebrities plus Lady Gaga’s concert in Manila named one hundred celebrities as The World’s Most Powerful Celebrities. I was surprised because Jennifer Lopez is on the first spot, followed by Oprah Winfrey, Justin Bieber (for complete list please check forbes site). Jennifer Lopez got earnings from her endorsement, clothing line, fragrances and earnings from American Idol as one of the judges. She has 6.6 M followers in Twitter and 12 M fans on Facebook, wow!

Anyway, surprised to see Manny Pacquiao because he is included in the list at number 33. Pacquiao is really blessed because of his boxing career. I hope he will use his earnings by doing good deeds to other people especially to his kababayan (fellowmen) hahah!

Last year, Lady Gaga is on the number one spot now down to number 5. Speaking of Lady Gaga do you think her two days concert in Manila will take place? Some of religious group here is having a protest to not allow Lady Gaga’s concert in our country. They said Lady Gaga is an anti Christ because of the theme of her songs and the way her video songs make. However, fans of Lady Gaga are all excited to see their idol performing live. So we will see if her concert will gonna happen this coming May 21-22 at MOA (Mall of Asia).

So, what is your stand about Lady Gaga? Remember, she is recently banned performing in Indonesia.

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  1. She is an artist.And a major part of what she does is self expression. I think, however, that her exposure to young people should be a concern.

  2. Why ban Lady Gaga from having a concert in the country? Do we want to be banned from visiting Buddhist or Islamic countries ‘cos we’re Filipinos? On the first note: Really, J.Lo at the top spot? Suri must not bash J.Lo’s kids now. Their mom is frickin powerful. 😀

  3. Am not really a fan of J.Lo but congrats to her! 🙂

    As for Lady Gaga, I’ve nothing against her music or style, that’s her. Whatever she does won’t hurt me in anyway. I am more of the “oldies” type of music. I just don’t understand the protestors (religious group you say?). By not buying her album and not listening to her music, I think, is good enough to show you dislike her. But to actually devote your time, effort, energy to rally to pull her down? I guess we all need to read and understand by heart what’s written in the bible? 😉

  4. HOw I wish I was in manila.. missed this … it’s hard to contest religious groups … their truth is always absolute… but who cares we need Lady Gaga to identify which is good and not… ahh, I’m goin’ gaga! hehehe

    Dropping by from BC Bloggers Comment Hop See you!

  5. hi mona! long time no look hahaha!
    talaga si JLo na ang top 1 sa forbes, hmmm malaki ang kinita niya last year kaysa kay oprah
    about gaga, i like her for being different among the crop of pop artists and may background talaga siya sa music…inaral niya ito;
    i think she is not anti-christ, ang church lang naman ang may interpretation na “anti-christ” ang lyrics ng songs niya and as an artist it doesn’t mean na ito ang paniniwala niya
    and i like her for supporting the gay and lesbian issues and rallies sa US

  6. She is very influential and really good at what she does. That much I can say. That said, we need to really assess the people we look up to these days, for our own sake.

  7. Lady Gaga is going gaga over performing her live and we can do nothing about it because it was already there. she was already here… and for the parents out there with Lady Gaga followers: PARENTAL GUIDANCE IS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED 🙂

  8. Really? Yes, I have seen it in the news. I think they are just doing the thing that they believe is the right thing. You have to stand up for your faith. I wish I can be as vocal as them when it comes to my faith. I am getting there.

  9. she is great at what she does… She seriously needs to say thanks to the protesters because they really created the publicity for her show. when i was younger the oldies hate Madonna because she had a video where a cross was burning.

  10. I like J. Lo coz she is sexy and love her music 🙂 I also like Lady Gaga coz she is crazy yet fun but she has a good heart 🙂 How I wish I could attend in one of her concerts.

  11. i like J.Lo being an artist. Hope she will be a good example to the youth.

    For lady gaga, I think, expressing oneself is good. but being sensitive should also follow.

  12. my stand about Lady Gaga’s concert is the same as that of young pastor joe bonifacio. i’ve re-posted it in my blog.

    btw, nice blog, ma’am. is it okay if i add you on my blog’s reading list?

    thanks in advance!

  13. I am not a fan of Lady Gaga (though i like some of her songs) but condemning and labeling Lady Gaga is not a religious act either…so let her be and if u have a strong faith i don’t think you’ll be affected…

    they also labeled Beatles as anti-Christ before…

  14. My sister watched Gaga’s concert and according to her, the stadium was jam-packed and her performance was awesome! Definitely worth the money!

  15. Banning LG in Indonesia is a different here in the Philippines. Why should the PH follow what Indonesia did with LG. There are rules to follow and limitations to observe. The people in our country have their own mind and decision to make. Let’s respect them.

  16. I am not a J.Lo fan but it’s great to know that she’s on the top list:D with regards to Lady Gaga, I really don’t believe those people who are protesting to stop her concert. if ayaw nila, di wag silang manood:D

  17. I think Lady Gaga is entitled to Artistic freedom, if a person has a firm moral values it will definitely not be affected by simply watching Lady Gaga’s concert. Only God can judge us, I guess.

  18. her concert went through and she’s now in Bangkok, performing for her Thai monsters (monsters, that’s what she calls her fans) I think Lady Gaga became famous because she’s not afraid to take risks and show her true self to the public. I remember the first time I ever saw her, she was walking around town in her underwear. lol 😀

  19. Oh wow JLo is in the #1 spot! I watched her in AI this morning and gosh could she sing and dance great. Love her booty! My latest post is actually about her 😀

    Re: Lady Gaga, I’m not a fan of hers. Though she has the talent…I just find her super weird.

  20. I think everyone is still entitled to enjoy whatever s/he wants as long as s/he not affecting negatively other people’s right. I am not against Gaga.

  21. i’m not a ladygaga fan, but i everyone has their right to say their opinion. if ladygaga has the right to perform, the protesters have the right to tell their views. the audience will have the final say 🙂

  22. I watched Lady Gaga’s concert on cable. She is absolutely total performer, maybe-out-of-this-world stage performance and good vocals. So, I’d say she is worth watching, for those who have plenty of money to waste. From what I gather, her concert ticket was way too expensive! I would’ve gone see her concert if I can afford it! Having said all that though, I wouldn’t let my kid see her concerts.

  23. I like J Lo’s way of singing..Though I’m not a fan..and definitely not a Lady Gaga’s fan.. The only song she sang that I want is Born this way..

  24. i believe that in this world, there are people who just want to make difference, although lady gaga has done silly thing as an artist, her ways to help others is also different on what we other see her.

  25. When she arrived here in full makeup and outfit my respect for her grew coz she didn’t let her fans down. I compared her with some singers who upon arrival didn’t want to be seen by the public and avoid them. Super professional si Lady Gaga that’s why she deserves her spot for working hard.

  26. I am not a big fan of Lady Gaga but I admire the way she expresses herself. She seems to be very real and has a genuine love for her music and profession as an artist.

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