My Typical Breakfast – Fried Rice and Tinapa

We called this fish tinapa. It is the tagalog term that means fish cooked or preserved through the process of smoking. We have lots of tinapa here in our place so I eat this fish from time to time. Honestly, before I didn’t eat this kind of fish but when I tasted it, I like it. Tinapa is best to eat when it is hot, with fried rice and cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

This was my breakfast early this morning. Fried rice and tinapa. I put turmeric powder to my fried rice and just one tinapa solved my breakfast. Well, it will be good if I have one egg but we run out of egg.

What is your typical breakfast? Do you eat tinapa?

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Benefits of Calamansi and Moringa (Malunggay)

Finally our calamansi plant has fruit again. This plant used to bear calamansi fruit but stopped when we sprayed insecticide for termites. It was affected so we thought the plant will die soon because it becomes unhealthy already. But I didn’t stop watering the plant and one day i saw it back to a healthy plant even lack of soil.

For sure it will give us abundant fruits just like before. Maybe it sounds silly but I’m really happy when I saw the plant has fruit after a long long wait.

Did you know that calamansi is popular in boosting the body’s immune system, citrus fruits are very effective having high in ascorbic acid or vitamin C. The nutrient gets from calamansi strengthens the immune system and increases collagen production in the body.

Aside from calamansi plant, I didn’t know that malunggay tree (moringa) is very easy to plant. My brother just put the branch of malunggay in the ground and after few weeks, it has leaves already. Everyday it is growing healthy. We always get malunggay leaves in our neighbor so it is convenient if we have in our own backyard. I read malunggay tree is considered as miracle tree of life. This is because of wide range of medicinal uses and high nutritional value.

Photos  next time …

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What to Look for When Choosing a New Dentist

One of the most important things that you can do for your health is to take good care of your teeth. Too often, people overlook their dental health because they are focused on the more obvious elements of health, such as maintaining a healthy weight or visiting a doctor for all of their exams. The truth is, dental health can affect all of the other areas of your health, including your heart health. That’s why it is so important that you find a dentist that you like, see him or her as often as is needed, and take care of your teeth at home every day.

If you need to find a new dentist, the first thing you should do is find one who is local to your area. That is important because you may have dental procedures done where you will be unable to drive yourself home afterward. You need to be close enough to catch a taxi or to have a friend or neighbor drive you home. Look for a local dentist who can meet you annually. For example, if you need a dentist Lindenhurst, find a place with a good reputation like Dentist IL to help you meet the doctor that will suit you best.

Next, make sure that your insurance is compatible with this dentist. You can call your insurance company directly and find out what dentists are covered under your plan. Or, you can speak to a dentist’s office and find out whether or not your insurance is accepted by them. Also, find out how billing is handled after it has gone through your insurance.

Finally, meet with your possible dentist or an assistant in the office to talk about what you would do before you make your first appointment. What is their typical routine? How often would you be expected to come back? This will also give you a chance to find out if you feel comfortable with the staff and the location. If possible, meet with the dentist personally and speak with them first.

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Four Ideas to Transform Boring Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sacred space. It’s one of the spaces where you spend a lot of time and get your beauty sleep. Because of this, it’s so important to make sure this space is immaculately beautiful. It’s a room that should inspire you and make you feel a sense of tranquility when you enter it. There are so many ways you can decorate it to make it unique and special for you. Consider these four ideas when you’re ready to transform your bedroom.

1. Experiment with frames.
A great piece of art is perfect for when it’s time to decorate the walls of your bedroom. It’s also nice because it adds a sense of stylistic flair. Art is excellent for showing off your personality and what you’re into. Go online and check out different online art shops. You can easily purchase a print that really speaks to you. Then, purchase a regular frame. Paint it in an extraordinary color with spray paint or a regular paint. Make sure to coat all the areas for a thorough paint job.

2. Restore a dresser.
Purchase a used dresser from a thrift store. Bring it home and sand it down with an electric sander. Then, use a chalkboard paint to cover the dresser with a few coats. Use the paint color of your choice. However, make sure that it is a chalkboard texture. The finished product is a divinely sophisticated piece. On top of that, it’s a good idea to purchase new knobs to accent the dresser.

3. Purchase an area rug.
A beautiful area rug is the equivalent of artwork on the floor. Even if you have carpet in your bedroom, you can still use a rug on top. Choose from vintage area rugs, rugs with geometric prints and more.

4. Paint a statement wall.
Take the largest wall in your bedroom and paint it one color that’s different than the other walls. You can choose a bold, bright color. However, for the bedroom, it might be nice to have a subdued yet visibly different color. No matter what paint color you choose, make sure the color is complementary to everything else in the room.

Implement these four ideas and have tons of fun creating a dream-like bedroom. As you get into the middle of the process, you might find that you’d like to try different

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3-Ingredient Banana Oatmeal Cookies

I”m not a baker but i bake sometimes. We have small oven but if we have big oven i will bake more and make it as a business.  Anyway, if there are available ingredients, i enjoy baking.  The other day i was searching for oatmeal cookie recipe. I bought oatmeal for a long time but didn’t use even once.  I decided to make cookies out of oatmeal. So i searched for the recipe.  There are different recipes available online but i chose three- ingredient banana oatmeal cookies

Just like the title of the video I watched  in youtube,  only three ingredients are needed to make banana oatmeal cookies. So one is oatmeal, second ingredient is banana and third is raisin. To make, all you have to do is mash bananas. After mashing,  put oatmeal in mashed banana, mix together and lastly,  raisin.  Just mix these three ingredients. After the three ingredients are well incorporated, get tablespoon and form a round shape with the dough and put on a baking sheet. Then you are ready to bake this healthy cookies.  Be sure to preheat your oven to 170 degrees celcius.  Bake for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown. Let it cool and enjoy your oatmeal cookies.  

Ready to bake


I used two small bananas, half cup of oatmeal and 1/4 cup of raisin to make five banana oatmeal cookies. This oatmeal cookie is different from the cookies i have tasted because it used oatmeal and not flour.  If you prefer healthy cookies then this one is a good alternative.  

If you don’t like raisin no worries because you can put chocolate chips,  walnuts, peanut butter and more. We don’t have banana now but i will make this cookie again and use peanut butter instead of raisin, will see which one is better.  I will also put more bananas, maybe three instead of two small bananas or two is fine if banana is big.

So do I like the banana oatmeal cookies I baked, the answer is yes. It is healthy than the regular cookies and for only three ingredients you can enjoy delicious and healthy cookies.. Even if you are not a professional baker like me it is fine because it is really easy to make. I enjoy my banana oatmeal cookies with hot chocolate.  Try it!

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How to Manage Business Properly

Being a small business owner is no easy job, even when you are your own boss. The demands the owner of a small, individually run business must face are enormous. Every detail of keeping the business running must be taken care of, usually by the owner themselves. Though having a business can be a very happy experience, it’s still a very demanding job to take on.

Keeping a Business on Track

From taking care of the business accounting and management to payroll and ordering supplies, the tasks a business owner faces can all seem never-ending. yet they are all part of what needs to be done to keep a business running successfully. It’s important for business owners to know, too, that there are resources available to help them keep things running smoothly, and some of the resources may not be ones they would automatically think of.

Many business owners don’t realize that mailbox outlets can be a tremendous resource for companies that are stretched to the limit. These outlets provide a wealth of practical services at a low price, and they can help business owners with the “delegation” of tasks that really makes all the difference in keeping things running smoothly. These outlets of course offer mailboxes for rent, but they also can provide copying services, notary services, shipping, document creation and even order fulfillment.

Fulfillment services

The fulfillment of product orders is one task most people don’t realize a mailbox outlet center can provide. For companies that ship out products via email orders, this can be hugely helpful. Many of these outlets offer storage of products, and will have staff that can take orders via an email list and then send them out to customers, all for an affordable price. This is a huge service for business owners who lack the space for product storage, and who also need to free up their time for other crucial business issues. So, if you are a business owner who really needs a helping hand, consider using all the services a mailbox outlet can easily provide.

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Missed Lots of Stuff Online

How can I continue my blogging stuff if I don’t have laptop. Well, I have but it is working badly for the past years. It takes hours to open a website. So, id rather not use it instead of wasting my time waiting for nothing.

Anyway, as much as I wanted to update this blog regularly but it is hard. I have good internet connection but it is useless. The other day my sister-in-law let me borrowed her laptop. So, I’m happy that I could share something today. I will not waste my time because my sister-in-law will get her laptop in no time. Aside from updating my blog, I made some changes like adding adsense. I don’t know why my ads disappeared. I also put Feedjit to see my visitors and I add Prchecker. This is the thing I missed. If I have laptop, I can manage my blog regularly. I wanted to visit different blogs because in return they will visit mine as well but it is difficult now.

Ahhh, I need new laptop as soon as possible. I missed so many stuff online especially blogging.  Oh well, as I said in my previous post, my niece bought me a new laptop last December, but there was battery issue. Sadly, the store can only replace the unit within 14 days of purchase. The only option is to replace the battery so I wish the store will grant this. My niece bought it in Canada so I will wait until someone bring the laptop back here.

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4 Easy Ways to Improve Backyards for Regular Entertaining

For hosts who entertain guests in their home regularly, offering the right environment for house parties is important. There are many backyard features that can be added to keep guests entertained, intrigued, and excited. By adding them slowly over time, guests will always come back excited for the next big attraction.

Installing a Koi Pond with Water Features

Koi ponds are beautiful, fun, engaging, and relaxing. By putting in a koi pond with additional water features, the beautiful sounds of flowing water will fill the garden and backyard. A rock wall used as a water fall is a magical way to enhance the koi pond, and it is nearly guaranteed to be the conversation piece and gathering area for many social events.

Adding a Small Fire Pit

When there is a slight chill in the night air, a small patio fire pit is perfect for huddling around! For gatherings that include children, the fire pit could also be used to make delicious smores or to roast hot dogs on. Fire pits are a versatile and vital weapon in the backyard entertainer’s arsenal. Be sure to use environmentally friendly materials within the fire pit, like untreated wood. Knowing the source of the wood is a great way to ensure that it is safe to burn.

Utilizing Landscape Lighting in the Garden

When the party livens and the sun goes down, low lighting can be a small hazard, especially if the backyard is home to a majestic garden. To keep guests from tripping or from wandering off the path and injuring plants, use decorative outdoor lighting Orlando to make the walking area visible and clear. This will keep guests safe, prevent garden damage, and it will allow the skilled host to show off his or her incredible gardening skills no matter the hour!

Mounting Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor speakers are one of the must haves for backyard entertainment. Once a host has them installed, it is hard to go without. Outdoor speakers are resistant to the elements, and many have Bluetooth capability. This allows the host to quickly and easily choose a playlist on a Bluetooth capable device, then broadcast the music throughout the backyard. Every party needs some peaceful, easy-going music or exciting dance music!

The secret to entertaining guests successfully is to offer guests an experience that excites them aesthetically, mentally, and socially. By providing an environment that is comfortable, properly lit, fun, and tranquil, the host can expect for guests to return for another great party.

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Our Dog Gave Birth for the Third Time

Last January 19, our dog (Aspin – Asong Pinoy) named Puppy  gave birth for the third time. Puppy gave birth to five beautiful puppies.  I was worried at first because of Puppy’s experiences in giving birth.  The first time was tragic because the little pup died right away.  The second time Puppy gave birth, the little puppy last only for two days.  So we are little worried.

Last February 19 the five puppies reached their first month. We are happy because the puppies are growing so fast and actively playing and eating rice with milk. Unhappily, one of them has problem in eating because the puppy vomits after every intake of foods. So among the five puppies, this puppy is petite and very thin. Still thankful because even though that is the situation this pup is actively playing with the other puppies. 

Time flies and they are growing so fast.  We will only keep two and the other three will be given to my siblings. I really like these puppies because just like human these puppies bring joy to our family. Will share photo/s soon.

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One of the Best Ways to Keep Your Home Clean

The idea of spring cleaning is something that sounds a little bit old-fashioned to some individuals. When many people think about spring cleaning, they think of living in old-fashioned homes and being cooped up all winter long. When spring finally rolled around, the home needed to be aired and cleaned out. And while modern-day homes are different than older homes, the idea of spring cleaning, or scheduling cleaning sessions at other times of the year, definitely still has its benefits.

The idea of having regular scheduled cleaning at certain times of the year is going to benefit your home and your family. These cleaning sessions are a lot deeper than what is normally done on the home. It involves more than just doing some dusting, vacuuming, and window washing. The idea is to really scrub deep and to get as much dust and grime out of the home as possible. Not only is this something that is good for individuals who live in areas where the climate is pretty much the same all year round, but it is essential in areas where there are marked seasonal changes.

There are some parts of the home that may be serviced by professionals. For example, a homeowner may decide to hire a chimney or dryer vent cleaning Pasadena MD company. You can see how this would contribute to the overall cleanliness of the home. Additionally, it is going to help to maintain these systems in the home. Some homeowners decide to do this type of cleaning after a long winter, or they may decide to do it during the fall before winter starts.

It is not a good idea for a person to have the mentality that they should only clean something that is dirty or fix something that is broken if they want to have a comfortable home to live in. That type of mentality is going to lead to expensive repairs in the future. For example, think of an individual who regularly has the air conditioning system in their home maintained. The life of that air-conditioning system is going to be extended when the filters are changed or cleaned on a regular basis. When hoses and other parts are replaced or repaired, major repairs may not be necessary. This maintains the temperature in the home, it contributes to better air quality, and it saves the homeowner a lot of money in repairs.

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