Important Resources New College Students Must Locate Quickly

When students move away from home and into their first dorm rooms, the shock of leaving home can be both exciting and frightening. Unfortunately, many students don’t realize how many comforts that homepreviously provided. Once they move away to college, it’s time to safely discover some important local resources that they’ll need.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry tends to be completed once a week by college students. Some dormitories and apartment complexes do not offer laundry facilities. Instead, the students must locate a nearby coin laundry facility. The building should be close to home, well trafficked, and safe. Students should always try to do laundry in pairs for safety purposes.

Local 24 Hour Cafes

24 hour cafes are an important part of college life. During stressful exam periods, students may need a place to refuel and find caffeine during all hours of the night and day. These are also wonderful places to study with friends, or just enjoy an easy, affordable meal.

Tutoring and Instrument Maintenance

Tutoring is a popular service in colleges, especially for the more difficult subjects like chemistry and physics. For music students, finding reliable instrument repair Boston is important in case of an accident or emergency. Accidents do happen, but having a list of reputable repair businesses will assist the student in solving the problem hastily.

Trustworthy Doctor or Clinic

Eventually, a student will likely become ill. Few people want to make phone calls and locate a good doctor while suffering from a cold or the flu. Instead, students should research and contact local clinics in order to identify a good doctor who accepts their insurance. This way, the student can visit the doctor with little hassle for illness or checkups.

College students may find themselves caught off guard when it comes to visiting the doctor, washing laundry, finding a hot meal, and many of the other tasks that were far easier when living at home. By planning ahead and locating these resources early in the semester, students will endure a less stressful transition.

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Lunch at BonChon

Shop. Choose. Redeem. This is one of my credit card provider way of giving freebies. They partner in different stores and this time is with BonChon. This promo is very easy to use. Just spend P3,000 anywhere and get FREE P100 BonChon GC from July 16 – September 30, 2018. Redemption is from August 1 – November 30 of this year.

 I got one when we my sister-in-law purchased flat screen TV and used my credit card. Good thing there is BonChon store already in our place. So I went there and get my P100 gift certificate. No hassle in getting GC, you just need to present credit card to the participating store. Credit card will be swiped and transaction details keyed in for validation using the promo redemption terminal. Surrender the qualified original copy of the charge slip/s and/or promo code. Before surrendering, I went to copy center and got a copy of my receipt. I might use it in the future.

I didn’t use my P100 gift certificate right away. I think after a week, I went to BonChon and had my lunch. So this is what I ate in BonChon, chicken with rice and their new Jjamppong spicy seafood noodle soup.

closer look of jjamppong spicy seafood noodle soup(photo from BonChon official website)

It has egg noodles, crispy crisps poppers with hot and spicy soup. Ok, I’m a Kdrama addict so I need to taste the food they love. Good thing when I tasted the soup it wasn’t really spicy or else I might not finish all. They said crispy crisps poppers but it is not. I guess it is because it was in the soup for minutes so crispiness lessens. It was nice that I ate my chicken meal with this soup. By the way, I like their chicken because of different flavors, but I noticed the flavor was only on the outside but I can’t taste the flavor inside. Not sure thought in other BonChon stores.

Available chicken flavors are soy garlic, spicy, honey citrus or crunchy garlic flavor. Ok, my meal wasn’t P100, I paid additional P49. My total bill was P149 and my gift certificate was only P100 so I paid excess amount. Anyway, even alone, I had a great lunch eating at BonChon and paying for few bucks for a complete meal is superb.

Shaping The Minds Of Children

If you enjoy working with children, then being a preschool teacher might be a career that you want to consider. This is a job that requires attention to detail as you have to monitor the safety of the children you care for at all times while planning lessons and activities that are fun and educational for the age group. While you’re working in a pre-k Tampa school, try to be a positive role model. The children in the classroom are looking to you for direction. They want to see the positive things that they should do when they get older instead of those that are negative.

Point out positive behaviors instead of only focusing on the things that the children might not do correctly. If children always think that they do something wrong, it can sometimes impact their mindset and make it difficult for them to focus in class. Although this age can sometimes be difficult to work with because they might not know all of the rules right away and don’t know how to make the best decisions, try to stay patient.

One aspect of being a preschool teacher is that you have to create lesson plans for the kids. These plans should be creative and should spark imagination while being fun at the same time. Look at the things that each child is interested in doing so that you can make plans that are interesting. Try to include as much education in the plans that you make as possible so that they are learning their letters, numbers, shapes, and other information as well. Try to treat the children like they are your own instead of like they are a class. If you show that you care about them and that you are there to support them, then they will likely begin to see you as a friend instead of a teacher.

Hope I Could Visit You One Day … South Korea

One of the countries that I wanted to visit is South Korea. Ever since I became addicted to Korean drama series, I became a fan of their country also. No doubt their drama series are the best and the different places feature in kdrama is a must to see.

I know visiting Korean country is not easy because it requires visa especially if you are from the Philippines. I hope one day. Why I wanted to go to this country? I want to experience the different places I have seen in the drama series I already watched. I want to see the palaces in Seoul, museums and simply experience their culture.

I remember Boys over Flowers starring Lee Min Ho; one of the scenes here happened in Jeju Island (I hope my memory is right). The place is really captivating.

Aside from that I want to experience Korea’s weather especially the winter. Their foods like kimchi, it is a traditional fermented dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings and sometimes spicy or sour. I want to experience outdoor market like the one in Busan which has large number of stalls. In Busan, beaches are located in this place and said to be the summer capital of Korea because of their wonderful beaches. Living the life of a monk, the latter featured in some of the Korean series I watched. I want to experience this thing their lifestyle like getting up early for early morning prayers and eating simply vegetable dishes. Lastly, soju is always present in Korean drama, I don’t drink but of course I want to experience this popular liquor of Korea. I think I already mentioned why I love this country. I just wish that one day; I will experience everything I said and see the real beauty of South Korea.

*Google photos

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Buying Products for Your Bird

Do you currently have a pet bird that you love with all of your heart? If this is the case, you need to do everything you possibly can to keep your bird happy and healthy. This means buying the highest quality bird products that are currently available on the market. There are certainly many companies that make products for pet birds. However, not all of them are made with the same level of quality. It would be in your best interests to educate yourself in order to determine which bird products are the best. Here is some useful advice that should help you to accomplish this goal.

1. Get in touch with other bird owners to find out which products they use on a regular basis.

The first thing you should do is seek out the advice of other bird owners. These people can be a valuable resource in your quest to find the right products to buy for the care of your pet bird. There are a few questions you should pose to these people. First of all, how long have they owned a bird? The length of time they have had a pet bird will give you an idea about their level of knowledge. What specific products do they buy on a regular basis for their bird? Why do they choose the particular brands they buy? What makes them better than the competition? How much do these products cost? Where do they buy them? How long have they been shopping at this particular store or website? Getting this info can save you a lot of time and money when you are searching for a specific product for your bird. Talk to as many bird owners as you can find. This will allow you to get a wide range of opinions. You might want to try asking around your place of employment to find other bird owners.

2. Search for blogs that focus on advice for bird owners.

There are a wide variety of blogs out there that specifically cater to people who own birds. You should take advantage of the wealth of knowledge that these blogs contain. You will find informative articles that will give you advice about every aspect of taking care of your bird. There will also be message boards where readers can answer questions that are posted. It would be a good idea for you to interact with some of the other blog readers and find out the best products for bird care and where you should buy them. Many of these bird care blogs update their content on a regular basis. Therefore, it would be smart for you to check in with them at least once every week to see if any useful info has been added. You can visit Vet Products Direct for bird medicine at prices that are very affordable.

3. Go online and look at the websites for all of the major pet supply retailers.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by shopping around on your own. You should compare the prices and inventories of the largest national pet supply stores. Do not assume that they all sell their bird products for the same prices. That is quite simply not the case. You will quickly discover that these large chains are always trying to beat their competition. They do this by having frequent sales. These sales are also used as a way to get rid of old inventory. You would be wise to check these stores regularly to find out when they will be having a sale. It could save you a considerable amount of money. Some of these stores will offer email or text alerts that will be sent to you to let you know when a sale is going to take place. This will allow you to check out the sale before all of the good items are gone.

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Yassi Pressman and my Daughter

I have decided not to renew my travel blog. It will expire in October. I haven’t updated the blog for a year. I don’t want to go to waste some of my posts. I will post many of my travel posts here so I can still read and see the places we have already visited.

This is the start 🙂 I saw this post while browsing my travel post. The photo of Yassi and my daughter was taken in Baluarte, Ilocos Sur.

Yassi Pressman will be here for Niyogyugan Festival 2018. She will join Niyogyugan Grand Parade with JM de Guzman happening on August 19.

Yassi Pressman is a Filipino-British model, actress, television personality, occasional singer, persistent dancer and VJ for MTV Pinoy. Some of her popular movies were Diary ng Panget, Talk Back and You’re Dead and Girlfriend for Hire. She portrayed the lead role in the latter movie. For me she is kind-hearted because when I approached her to have photo with my daughter she smiled and say yes to me. Aside from that she is also pretty even without make-up but I think she is not that tall. Anyway, so glad to see her in Baluarte when we visited Vigan last Holy Week.
Update on Yassi, you can watch her in “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.

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Benefits of Traveling

It’s always a wonderful feeling when you travel. Sadly, I don’t practice this at all times. Money is always the dilemma, wink! But if I have lots of money, I will consider going from one place to another.

For me travel makes me feel stress free. You leave the problem in the house or at your work and just stay happy and enjoy the place. Though we have so many problems in life, sometimes we need to forget them for a while and do some relaxation by means of traveling. If money is really a problem and we can’t go farther. I think even a simple stroll in the neighborhood with beautiful flowers and clean surrounding will make us happy already.

Another benefit of traveling is meeting people with different cultures. It’s really nice to know other people and know their cultures. Probably, we could make friends with them. Aside from the culture and the people, the foods are always present. We are curious of the taste of the food in a certain place we visit. Of course we travel because we want to enjoy and witness the beautiful spot of different places.

Above all, travel creates memory for a lifetime. Memories that we can treasure and we can’t buy. How I wish I could do travel twice a year whether here in the Philippines or other countries. It would be an awesome experience. You only live once so make the most of it by going from one place to another. Hope soon!!!

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3 Ways Home Care Can Improve Your Senior Loved One’s Life

As seniors age, many struggle to retain their independence. They may have difficulty with performing hygiene tasks, tending to medical conditions, or keeping their home in order. If your senior loved one is struggling, consider hiring a professional home care service. Home care providers can assist seniors with many types of tasks, ranging from personal care to homemaking, allowing seniors to remain independent for longer.

Personal Care Assistance

Personal care assistance includes various hygiene tasks, including bathing, oral hygiene, dressing, and hair care. Many seniors struggle with basic grooming tasks, due to limited mobility or motor skills. Some seniors may no longer be able to use the shower or bathtub on their own, while seniors with conditions like arthritis may have a hard time gripping their toothbrush or buttoning their clothes. Home care aids can help seniors perform these tasks. Because they’re specially trained to assist seniors with sensitive daily activities, they know how to help seniors without infringing upon their dignity. If you’re a family caregiver, assisting with these kinds of tasks may be uncomfortable for you and your senior loved one. Personal care aids know how to approach these issues with sensitivity and compassion.


While many seniors prefer to live in familiar environments for as long as possible, seniors who continue to live at home can become isolated. Socialization is essential for seniors, as isolation can lead to depression and anxiety. Hiring a home care companion can provide seniors with the socialization they crave.

Taking Care of the Home

Many seniors are in good health; they just need a little extra help with labor-intensive tasks, like grocery shopping and vacuuming. These seniors would benefit from hiring home care services, which include meal preparation, laundry, housekeeping, errands, and more. This type of service is very helpful for seniors who can no longer drive and for seniors who have limited mobility.

If your senior loved one could use come extra help, don’t hesitate to search for a home care agency Darien CT. With an extra pair of hands, their quality of life will immediately improve.

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The Advantages of Safe Insect Control

Many wrongly believe that safe mosquito control is not readily accessible. However, the good news is that there are products available to combat nuisance insects that are both safe and effective. You’ll find this fact good news for your family’s overall well-being.

The Broader Impact

Many people are hesitant to use commercial mosquito control products because of the known health risks associated with the chemicals used as active ingredients, especially when children are involved. These ingredients are also often toxic or otherwise hazardous to pets, mainly because they are likely to lick or chew treated objects. Besides causing itchy and sometimes painful bites, mosquitoes can transmit West Nile virus to you and your pets.

Natural Control Important for Homes and Businesses

Although natural products are popular for residential areas, they’re also perfect for businesses as well. Mosquito control is every bit as much of an issue in the workplace as it is at home, especially in high-traffic areas. One of the advantages of using natural products is having fewer people develop reactions to the ingredients in use.

Killing Nuisances While Protecting Other Species

Another critical consideration for pest control is killing the pests without harming other species that are good for the environment. Butterflies and bees are essential for pollination, and earthworms help cultivate the soil, to name a few examples. If you use mosquito control around garden areas, it’s important to make sure these other species are unharmed.

Residual Control Also Matters

After getting rid of nuisance insects initially, you’ll want to take steps to make sure they don’t become a repeated problem. Using products that provide residual repellant properties for about 30 days after application will help you keep your pest population under control. When you use a regular strategy to combat your insect issues, you’ll be more likely to have satisfactory results.

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3 Ways to Give Your Kids More Culture

If your kids are addicted to cartoons and mac’n’cheese, it might be time to expose them to other countries besides America. The good news is that this is quite easy to do! You don’t even have to travel. Here are just a few ways to broaden your children’s horizons and turn them into tasteful, cultured citizens.

1. Teach Them Another Language

You’ve probably heard that it’s easier for children to learn foreign languages than adults. It’s true: Their brains are more receptive and less set in their ways. If your child has expressed an interest in learning a new tongue, do your best to encourage it. Let them learn Japanese because of anime or Spanish because of hip-hop. They’ll outgrow their other interests, but their language skills will remain.

2. Introduce Them to Children from Other Countries

Let your little one become friends with someone from another culture. The easiest way to do this is with something like an international summer camp where kids of all nationalities come together to play, but if you don’t have any of these in your area, there are other ways to experience diversity. Go to Chinatown together. Enroll them in an immersive language course. Sign them up for cultural exchanges. The sky is the limit!

3. Make Cultural Lessons Fun

No child wants to read a boring encyclopedia entry about the imports and exports of another country. If you feed them an exotic dish, however, they might be interested in where it came from. If you show them the traditional clothing of another country, they might be inspired to create a fashion show. These are fun, interactive ways to show your child what it’s like to live in another country, and they can really pay off.

These are just a few ways to give your children a taste of other cultures. If you want them to be smart and concerned citizens when they grow up, it’s important for them to understand that the world is a vast, ever-changing place. Use these ideas to help them understand just how diverse it really is.

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