Internet is Back

Thankful our internet is back. Last time I wrote about slow internet connection we have been experiencing for a week. Yesterday, technicians from our internet provider came in the house and checked it. They said the problem was the modem we are using. Gladly, they are ready from any issues. So after changing the modem our connection works perfectly fine. I’m thankful because everything is back to normal. Now, I can do my online stuff without any dilemma. I miss doing blog hop so I finally I can do it now. Hope no more issue will come up because I really need not just internet but fast internet connection.

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Annoying Slow Internet Connection

And because the internet connection at home is really bad, I need to rent in a computer shop. When we got back from vacation last Holy Week, I noticed our connection was bad. It was Sunday and until last night (Tuesday), I can’t access almost all the websites. I haven’t checked if the connection is good today.

I decided to rent computer in order to finish my task online. I have pending jobs and need to do it as soon as possible. I have no other way but to rent a computer and do my task outside. It’s always convenient to work inside the house because I can access easily all my files. Oh well, this thing happens once in a while so no reason to complain.

Anyway, I doubt that the reason of slow connection in the house was because of typhoon Chedeng. We’re not really affected so there’s no reason to blame Chedeng.  I just saw this morning that our internet provider was asking for payment before April 1. Today is already April 8, so I guess that’s the reason why connection is really bad. Good thing they didn’t cut the line but still it’s no good.

Before heading here (computer shop) I dropped in our internet provider and paid our due bill. I hope when I get home later, everything is all right and fast connection will get back.

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Benefits of Industrial and Commercial Flooring for Restaurant Owners

Tired of slipping and sliding across tile or wood floors every time you step inside your restaurant? Do your workers absolutely hate the time and effort it takes to clean carpeted floors in your dining room every night? While you might think industrial flooring is too expensive for your restaurant, today is a good time to look at some of the benefits of this flooring option.

Easy to Install

Some shoppers worry that installing commercial carpet photo carpet_zpsjgx1gwh3.jpgflooring is just too hard. They think that hiring someone to do the job will eat into their budgets and that they can’t possibly do the job themselves. Nearly anyone can install this type of flooring, especially those who opt for locking tiles. The tiles come in larger pieces that fit and lock together to keep the individual pieces from moving or slipping. You can install the pieces in your back room or in the front of your restaurant in just a few short hours.

Nonslip and More

Traditional flooring options are best suited for residential homes and not commercial properties. The flooring products you’ll find at JCH International and from other companies are perfect for commercial applications. Carpet tiles feature a thick backing that sticks to the flooring photo flooring_zpsjl5owsbd.jpgfloor and won’t move or shift, and tile keeps your workers safely on their feet. When you shop for new flooring today for your restaurant, you can save money and reduce the risk of your employees injuring themselves on the job.

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Happy Birthday Niece

I know it’s a bit late but still I would like to greet my niece, belated happy birthday. I wish you good health and may you fulfill all your dreams in the coming years. We missed you already. Hope you will go back in the Philippines very soon. Good luck in everything and take care always.

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