Working with Movavi Video Suite

Video making program for your Windows

If you have been looking for a complete video making program and haven’t yet got the perfect companion, then you must definitely try out the Movavi Video Suite. It is an all-in-one tool for your video vision. Movavi Suite is an exhaustive video preparing program with all the tools and stuff that you need to create your masterpiece at home. It is very quick and reliable tool for video making. This software lets you make a video like a professional.

You can record and edit the complete list of your videos and music files. This amazing software will let you put together slideshows and video clips and also record videos right away from your computer screen. You can also save online videos. Converting videos and music to any format is now easy. You can also burn videos, data and music to a DVD. There are some other wonderful features as well, you can apply some stylish effects and patterns to your videos, you can also cut and join video segments, improve the video quality and much more. Movavi Video Suite makes video making and editing very easy and convenient. You can download this software for Microsoft Windows and check out yourself from

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Tasks which you can do with Movavi Video Suite

There are some amazing videos or movie clips which you can make with your Movavi Video Suite, we have summarized them below:

  1. Make Professional-looking Movies at home: you can make some amazing movies by using your music playlists and videos. You can also turn your photos into a beautiful slideshow, all you need to do is just import them and make a sequence with some transitions and titles and you can also add music to the slides. The video suite also lets you enhance the quality of the videos by using some filters and some artistic effects and transitions.
  2. It lets you record your own clips and voiceover or soundtrack: You can create video tutorials, screencasts, highlight the cursor movements, and highlight the keys pressed during recording. It also lets you save online videos or the activities which are happening on your screen with ease. Do you love video blogging? If yes, then this video suite will make you a star as you can record yourself on webcam and use the Chroma Key feature to transport yourself in the background of your choice. Recording Skype conversation with your family and friends is now an easy affair as well.
  3. Converting multimedia files in just a few seconds: this suite lets you convert files between 180 multimedia formats; you can convert music or videos quickly using the SuperSpeed Conversion Mode. You can also play the videos on your mobile devices.

There are some other great features as well which will help you make a video flawlessly, like the digitization of videos from external devices like TV tuners, Digital Cameras etc; you can grab awe inspiring HD quality screen grabs. There is also a built in media player for you to watch movies in style. Movavi Video Suite also lets you burn movies, videos and music to DVDs, CDs and Blu-ray Players.

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Need New Laptop

I want to update all my blogs but this laptop is acting weird already. This isn’t new in fact I’m using this for 7 years now. I guess that’s the reason of being slow. Internet connection is not a dilemma because I have secured connection but this laptop is a big problem already. I wish to get one but my budget is limited.

Well, still usable but it takes time to open a website. I checked first my yahoo mail but it took almost an hour for me to see my email. Thankful it did open because I have a task to do online and it needs an immediate action. I tried other site and the same problem encountered. I can’t update my other blogs because it will take time and imagine I opened the laptop at 9:30pm and now it’s almost 12. I only opened my yahoo mail, this blog and photobucket.

I might rent computer for me to do my online tasks but recently I encountered problem in one of the computer shops I have rented. I think the computer I used was infected of virus. I opened my blog and write a post but when I was about to share my post an error appeared. I transferred in other computer and I can’t log in my blog already. I’m pretty sure I put my password correctly. I tried many times and gave me incorrect password. To cut the story short I paid for nothing that time, so I’m thinking if renting outside is safe. I think I should use this laptop instead though it takes forever to load, lol. Well need to sleep now. For 2 hours, checking email and writing this post are the only things I have accomplished.

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Types of Breast Pumps

You are about to have your first child and you have decided to breastfeed. You know you will need to purchase a breast pump for the times when you will not be able to breast feed your child yourself. Pumping your breast milk in advance and keeping it ready in a bottle is the best course of action and should be introduced to your little one within the first couple of months that you are nursing. Getting him used to drinking from a bottle will help to let you continue breast feeding while giving you a little more freedom.

When it comes to choosing which type of breast pump will work best for you and your little one, you have a number of pumps to select from. There are heavy duty pumps that are hospital-grade, and smaller, portable pumps that are battery operated. There are single pumps as well as double pumps so you can pump both breasts at the same time. You may even opt for a hands-free model so you can multi-task while gathering up breast milk for your baby.

A baby’s sucking cycle is around 40 to 60 breast pump photo breast pump_zpsxbm9li4f.jpgper minute so you will want to find a pump that is as close to that as you can get. Many of the hospital-grade or automatic pumps work at 30 to 50 cycles every minute so they may work best for you. If you aren’t sure which one to get you might want to see if you can rent a hospital-grade pump to try out. If you plan on pumping a greater quantity of milk you should check out at mid-sized portable pump that is automatic and either uses electricity or batteries. If you are not going to need to pump more than once a day you can probably get away with using a manual breast pump.

If you always seem to have a great deal of breast pump photo breastpump_zpsehxfanj8.jpgthings to do you may want to either pick up a hands-free pump or a double pump. The hands-free model will let you do other things while you are preparing your breast milk for baby bottles. Some of these models have breast shields that can easily work with your nursing bra to provide you with a little privacy while you are doing more than one thing at a time. If you want to speed things up you can try out a double pump. This means exactly what it sounds like – you can actually pump both breasts at the same time making for a quicker and more efficient process.

A manual breast pump is less expensive and will fit the bill if you are not going to need to use it very often. You won’t need to find a power source as most of the manual pumps use good old fashions mom power. Once you find a breast pump you are happy with, you will quickly become used to pumping and it will feel like second nature to you. Our advice – find one that you are most comfortable with.

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Where is my Pringles Party Speaker???

Last March 30, I bought 2x150g Party bundle pack of Pringles. I don’t normally buy Pringles but I was convinced to purchase because of their promotion. If you purchase 2x150g Pringles you can get Party Speakers. I read how it works and it really simple, you just need to visit their official website and visit the promo page. Complete the online entry form and submit the unique code found in the Pringles purchased. Then lastly, pay 25 PHP via Paypal this is for the delivery of the party speaker.

pringles party speaker photo pringles party speaker_zps7vtgbfnr.png

after paying the delivery charge, I got this message, proof that I joined the promotion

What is a Pringles Party Speaker? Pringles Party Speaker are speakers that go on top of your Pringles can for extra acoustic effect. It has been designed and manufactured for Pringles. It cannot be purchased in any store and is only available through this promotion. It exists in one design as shown on (credit to Pringles page).

According to them the item will be delivered within 40 days. I’m expecting the item last May 10 but I didn’t receive any until now, June 16. Wow, my first time to join Pringle’s promotion and this what happened. Do I need to wait for more days or simply forget this party speaker? I paid for the delivery of the item and they didn’t send. I want to call Pringle’s hotline but I’m not in Manila so I need to pay for long distance call, I doubt if I will do this. I know 25 PhP I paid for the delivery is not huge but what I’m saying here is they should be true in their promise. I hope to hear from Pringles Philippines regarding this issue.

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