Eco-Friendly Hair Care Is Now Available

Even if you’re watching what you eat and the products you use, are you doing everything you can to help protect the planet and its wildlife? Some people just don’t think about the harmful chemicals found in many hair care products. While they’re safe for people, some products can be destructive to plant life or may harm smaller forms of wildlife.

To truly go vegan and do everything you can to minimize the impact you have on the earth, consider investing in botanical hair products. Many herbs found in nature can produce the same effects on your hair as expensive products made from chemicals. Since botanical products are made from natural ingredients, they’ll be healthier for your hair and scalp, too.

Additionally, botanical products can eliminate the allergic reactions you may commonly have to commercial hair products. Many people are sensitive to the chemicals used to manufacture dyes, shampoos, and conditioners, but they tolerate the discomfort, because there haven’t been quality alternatives. Now, they’re discovering that nature does offer alternatives and that a variety of herbs can provide the same benefits as commercially manufactured products.

Yes, even hair dyes can be produced from natural and safe products. By obtaining the ingredients from herbs, dyes can be created to produce all natural hair color safely for the user and safer for the environment. Also, herbs can create a variety of colors that are just as vibrant as those offered by commercial brands.

As products sourced from natural ingredients, botanical hair products are better for pregnant or breastfeeding women. They can even be used more safely on children, minimizing the risk of an allergic reaction. Specifically, hair products created with natural herbs are free of harmful ingredients, such as ammonia, peroxide, and PPD, or Paraphenylenediamine.

So, when you need new hair care products, consider going a more natural root. Botanical products are better for your hair, eliminating the damage that adding too many chemicals can cause. They’re also better for the environment, because you’re reducing the amount of chemicals that are dumped into the eco-system. Whether you do it for yourself or for the earth, switching to botanical hair care products will help you live healthier and help you look your best.

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Meteor Garden 2018

My Korean drama addiction started when I first watched Taiwanese Meteor Garden way back 2003 aired on ABS CBN.  Everyone was hooked with this drama. Because of Meteor Garden I got to know Kdrama, Meteor Garden wasn’t Kdrama but this drama introduced me to Asian drama.


photo is not mine

Last night while watching ABS CBN program, they showed teaser of the remake of Meteor Garden. Good to know ABS CBN will air the remake of Meteor Garden anyway they are the one who opened us to Asian drama. There’s no release date yet but for sure I will watch this drama. I just hope I will meet my expectation because even 15 years had passed I still love the original Meteor Garden. I have watched this for many times without being  bored.

I’m looking forward to the new cast led by  Shen Yue as Shan Cai. Playing the iconic F4 this time around are Dylan Wang as Dao Ming Si, Darren Chen as Hua Ze Lei, Connor Leong as Mei Zuo and Caesar Wu as Xi Men.  I heard the show was already airing in China. My niece said they already watching it in Netflix.


photo is not mine

This Chinese version is being produced by the original creator of “Meteor Garden,” Angie Chai. As with previous iterations, it will be based off the Japanese manga, “Hana Yori Dango.”

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Three Unique Bachelor Party Ideas

When it comes to planning the perfect bachelor party, men sometimes need a little bit of guidance. Rather than succumbing to the stereotypical Vegas-style party to celebrate the groom-to-be in your life, try organizing something a little more unique. Here are three ideas that are sure to thrill your guests and jump-start your planning.

Plan a Golf Outing

Golf is the perfect bachelor party activity. The future groom can show off his putting skills while members of his party get to know each other. In addition to spending time on the green, a golf outing allows you to enjoy a delicious lunch, as well as a few drinks. This is the perfect way to ease into a night out on the town later in the day.

Go Hunting

Another great idea for a bachelor party is to plan a hunting trip. By booking through an establishment such as Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge, you will receive accommodation along with expert guidance. They even have staff who can assist with hunting for beginners, for the less experienced hunters in your group. This sort of getaway provides the perfect bachelor party experience for all men.

Enjoy Rest and Relaxation

There is no way you can go wrong with planning time for rest and relaxation. While men like to seem tough and uninterested in being pampered, this is just a facade. The perfect way to end a bachelor party trip is by scheduling some time for everyone to get massages at a local spa. You can even plan time for male pedicures if your groom is interested.

With these ideas in mind, you cannot go wrong when planning your upcoming bachelor party. Step outside of the box and plan something that the future groom in your life won’t soon forget!

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Beat the Heat with AC

With summer this year, extremely warm, and downright hot and almost unbearable temperatures, are sweeping all across the nation. These high temperatures are not only uncomfortable, but can be very dangerous for people and pets as well. Great care must be taken to ensure that residents keep their home at a cooler, comfortable temperature to get through these hot and sticky days. A fully functional AC system in the home goes a long way towards providing cooling comfort, and if there’s a problem with its effective operation, action must be taken quickly to fix the problem.

Residents of south Florida, perhaps much more than many others, recognize the vital importance of fully functional AC systems. Temperatures can get very high in the spring and summer; even in the fall and winter seasons, the AC comes into use much of the time.

If you live in the Fort Myers area and encounter a problem with your AC, you’ll want to get help with it quickly. The quickest and most informative way to find help is to go online and input ac repair fort myers into a search engine. Within moments, a considerable number of companies will be listed over several site pages. This is where you should look for specifics that will help you to find the company that can best be of service to you.

If your AC breaks down outside of ‘normal’ business hours, a company that offers 24/7 emergency services may be your first consideration. You’ll want to find a company that offers these emergency services, with technicians that will bring all the right tools and equipment to do the repair immediately.

When you make the call, make sure the company is experienced in working on the AC unit brand you have. Then ask them if their repairs are backed by any type of satisfaction guarantee, and if the parts they provide in the repair have any warranty protection over a certain period of time.

When an AC unit breaks down, things heat up very quickly. Making a call to a respected and qualified AC repair company quickly, at any time of day, is of critical importance. Go with a company that can fulfill all your needs, and get back to cool, comfortable living again.

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The Right Motorcycle Apparel

Whether you own a cool motorcycle or just want to look like you do, the moto-chic trend is all-the-rage in fashion. There are ways to embrace the trend without decking yourself out from head to toe in a bandanna, embroidered leather jacket, chaps and spiked boots. The modern moto trend is about combining edgy with sophisticated for an unexpected and unique look.

Moto Jackets
Arguably the easiest way to jump on the moto-chic bandwagon is to purchase a moto-style jacket. Whether you like the look of leather or prefer a vegan-friendly option, a classic moto jacket adds an instant edginess to any outfit. When it comes to style, many women like the newest cropped jackets with wide wing-style collars. These jackets often have an asymmetrical zip front and stud detailing. Men look modern and edgy in a classic leather bomber jacket. You can often find good quality moto jackets at motorcycle apparel shops.

You can pair these jackets with a simple white t-shirt and jeans for a timeless look. Women can take this look from casual to sophisticated in an instant by pairing it with a pair of classic point-toe stilettos. Men will look refined when pairing a moto jacket with a pair of leather brogue or lace-up Oxford shoes.

Moto Boots
Classic moto boots feature a low block heel with belt or stud details. They may zip up on the side or feature a pull-on style. They have a low profile, often hitting just above the ankle. The slightly rounded toe on these boots makes them the perfect style for virtually any outfit pairing. For a boho-chic look that mixes feminine with edgy, throw on a floral sundress with a pair of moto boots. Hipster may love the look of a moto boot with a classic pair of corduroy pants and a buffalo-plaid Oxford shirt.

The modern moto trend has been recurring for several seasons. Fashion experts are now defining the moto boot and jacket as signature staples that every man and woman should incorporate into their existing wardrobes. The key to nailing this look is to pair edgy pieces with casual or sophisticated apparel.

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She was Pretty

As I said in my old post, my niece recommended this Kdrama She was Pretty”. It has 16 episodes; I already finished watching this kdrama. Good thing I watched it because I do like it. It is light drama and comedy at the same time. I laughed a lot especially with the lead actress, Hwang Jung-Eum and Choi Si-Won who played as Kim Shin-Hyuk. I do like the lead actor as well. Park Seo-Joon. I watched some of his drama and he has drama airing now under TVN which os Whats Wrong with Secretary Kim with Park Min-Young.

Back to She was Pretty , i cried and laughed in this drama.  I cry easily if there are sad scenes sometimes its not really something to cry on but i see myself crying while watching.  Anyway, i didn’t know that She was Pretty was old kdrama already in fact it was aired 2015 but i just watched it, thanks to my niece for the recommendation because i enjoyed this drama. 


photo not mine



When Sung-Joon (Park Seo-Joon) was young, he was ugly and fat. He also didn’t have any friends, but popular and pretty Hye-Jin (Hwang Jung-Eum) became his friend. She gave him comfort on rainy days when Sung-Jung feels traumatised. They held a special connection with each other, but Sung-Joon and his father moved to the United States.   15 years later, Sung-Joon returns to South Korea. He and Hye-Jin are set to meet again for the first time in many years, but Hye-Jin is unable to show herself in front of Sung-Joon who is looking for her. Both of their appearances have completely changed. Sung-Joon is now handsome and perfect in his appearance, while Hye-Jin looks nothing like her former pretty self. Hye-Jin is also unemployed and looking for a job.

Hye-Jin then asks her best friend Ha-Ri (Koh Joon-Hee) for help. Ha-Ri is to pretend she is Hye-Jin and go meet Sung-Joon. At their meeting, Ha-Ra pretends to be Hye-Jin and tells Sung-Joon that she is leaving for England the next day to study. Later, Hye-Jin, as an intern at a fashion magazine, meets Sung-Joon who is an editor at the fashion magazine. (Asianwiki)

I recommend watching this Kdrama, I hope the story will meet your expectation just like what i like. What to watch next, any suggestion?

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Thankful for Everything

Month of May and June have passed by so quickly. I can say I was blessed with these months. I received blessing that I didn’t expect at all. The one I am working online gave me tons of work which I badly needed. Aside from this, month of May was meaningful for me because I was part of Barangay and SK Election last May 14. I served as one of the Electoral Boards. I’m not a teacher but non-teaching person could be part if lacking or no available teachers to seat in Third Member position. It was tiring day because we worked for 24 hours without sleeping. Oh well, I’m proud of myself and I felt that I did something good for my barangay.

May is also my birth month so I’m thankful and grateful that I am here for another year to live. God is good all the time. He doesn’t forget me every time I needed Him. He is always there for me everyday. I admit I do have shortcomings especially about my faith. I can’t fulfill my duty to attend mass every Sunday. I fail doing this all the time but He is still there for me and I feel that all the time.

Oh well, just like what happened last May and June I hope this month of July and the coming months and years will bring good vibes and many blessings to me and my family. Thank you God for the gift of life everyday, I am so sorry for all my shortcomings. Please God continue to shower blessings to my family. Thank you for everything, I give back all praises and honors to you. Amen.

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3 Quick and Easy Tahong (Mussels) Recipe

Few days ago, I bought tahong (mussels) before the only dish I could cook using tahong was making soup with ginger, water and mustasa (mustard) as main ingredients. Now, I made three dishes out of 1kilo of tahong. So first, I cooked soup. Simply, sautée ginger and onion first and then add water. Wait for it to boil and then add your tahong. Wait for tahong to open then season with salt and pepper. Finally add mustasa, cover and wait for few minutes about 1-2 minutes. Turn off the fire. Serve while it is hot.

Second dish was Sauteed Mussels in Garlic and Butter. Here’s how heat 1 tbsp of oil in a pan. Put 1-2 tbsp butter, melt. Sauté minced garlic until lightly browned. Saute chopped onions, until translucent. Add in the cleaned mussels. Add salt and pepper to taste and sprinkle with chili flakes, I used chili powder. Stir fry until mussels starts to render juice and opens.

We have left over tahong from the soup I made, so I decided to bake it. Here’s how Baked mussels is done

Clean mussels thoroughly. Boil until the shells open in a pot with 2 cups of water. Drain and remove the top shell. arrange in a baking sheet. Melt ½ cup of butter in a sauce pan. Put in ¼ cup minced garlic and ¼ cup finely chopped flat parsley. (I don’t have parsley). Stir cook for 3 minutes. Turn off the heat. Scoop the butter mixture and put on top of each mussels. Top with grated cheese. Oven baked for 20 minutes.

Recipe adapted from #themommyiscooking instagram.

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How To Enhance Your Ecommerce Efforts

As many digital marketing experts know, the world of ecommerce is both unpredictable and perpetually evolving. As such, it can be very difficult for business owners to make plans and implement strategies that will consistently generate outstanding, brand-building results. Luckily, there are multiple techniques you can deploy to enhance your company’s ecommerce efforts. Here are three of them:

1. Implement Content Marketing Strategies.

Content marketing is an integral element of any effective ecommerce campaign. Yet in many if not most cases, corporate leaders overlook the important process of carefully analyzing, updating, and optimizing this component of their advertising campaign. Don’t commit this error. Taking the extra time to make sure that your content is consistently incredible can help you attract new customers and keep the old ones. The end result is optimized conversion. There are many ways to go about taking your content marketing process to the next level of efficacy, and one is by having people with authoritative or influential voices produce blog posts, web articles, or videos on your behalf. Another technique that has worked wonders for many business owners is making their approach more interactive. Thus instead of merely writing an information-packed piece of content filled with beautiful images and a clever call to action, savvy business owners are consistent in the work of ensuring that each piece they produce gets the audience involved in a substantive, ongoing manner. An example would be regularly producing Twitter polls which require your audience to provide answers to your brand-related questions. In addition to enhancing your content’s level of engagement, this technique empowers business owners to engage in word-of-mouth advertising given that general Twitter audiences may stumble across the poll.

2. Utilize Strategies That Enhance Social Proof.

More and more business owners are realizing that they need to make their brand appear as credible and valuable as possible. These business owners also understand that having customers assert the legitimacy of their brand is one of the most effective ways to make this happen. With this understanding, many corporate leaders are focusing on the implementation of social proof strategies. Social proof is all about building the legitimacy of one’s brand by showing members of the target audience that a large group of people are already using and loving your products. There are hundreds and hundreds of strategies that a business owner could utilize to make this happen. One is having satisfied customers write incredible online reviews about the brand. Another is placing Share Buttons on your blog posts and web articles so your readers will forward the content to the individuals in their social networks.

3. Place Primacy On Engagement.

One simple truth that marketing experts keep coming back to during the business-building process is the integral role that engagement plays in facilitating conversion. Across multiple industries, building rapport and relationship is oftentimes the key to both conversion and customer loyalty. This is why your marketing efforts need to be optimized for engagement. The more involved the audience gets with you and your brand, the more likely they are to view your business favorably and subsequently decide to regularly make purchases. Regularly running Twitter polls is an incredibly simple and highly effective way to put the engagement process in full swing. Consistently publishing Q & A content is another wonderful way to make it happen!

Continue Implementing Offline Optimization Strategies

In addition to drawing attention to your brand in the ecommerce sector, make sure that you focus on implementing offline optimization strategies. This strategy will ensure that you can really optimize productivity, profitability, and power. One thing that you should consider is the value of optimizing the aesthetic appeal of your commercial property. Note that businesses such as the Family Fence Company of Florida can empower you to realize this objective by offering you premium fencing services at cost-effective rates.


If you’re serious about optimizing your company’s ecommerce efforts, know that there are many ways that you can make it happen. Three of them are outlined above. Start using some or all of these ecommerce optimization strategies soon so your organization can remain on the path to progress!

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Designing With Fire

A trend in backyards is the installation of a fire pit. While most pits are constructed of simple materials that include concrete blocks and metal grates, there are a few fire pit landscaping designs that are highly detailed. You can use bricks to create a fire pit, arranging them in a circle and placing a grate on top for a simple but elegant look. Add a few candles along the perimeter of the pit along with flowers or other decorations for an outdoor attraction that blends with the exterior of the home.

Another design that you can create looks like a flagstone but on a larger scale. You would use large concrete blocks to make the circle, matching almost any kind of retaining wall design that you might have along the edge of the yard. The stones can be customized to a point using paint or other supplies. The stones cost a bit more than bricks, but they will sometimes last longer than bricks and other materials. If you’re looking for more of a detailed design, then use pieces of metal grates to make a pirate ship. An oval metal container can be used for the base since it has the shape of a ship. You can attach real flags on the top, but be aware of the fire in the pit so that they don’t catch on fire.

A cauldron can be used for a fire pit as well. You can create many designs using a cauldron, such as a Halloween theme with a witch or two on the side or a belt buckle and cowboy hat to create a cowboy display. Use wooden chairs and a wooden table around the cauldron for a relaxing place to sit that blends with the cowboy theme. You can also use stools that are made of large pieces of logs.

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