Mary Jane Veloso Receives Temporary Reprieve

It’s nice to wake up hearing the good news that Mary Jane Veloso was spared from execution.  God is good! Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers indeed answered prayers. I don’t know Mary Jane personally but when I heard this execution I included her in my prayers for the past days. And last night my only prayers were for her to be spared in this execution and it happened.

We Filipinos are grateful, thank you to the president of Indonesia for giving Mary Jane another chance to prove her innocence, thank you President Pnoy and the whole government for helping Mary Jane. Above all I think the prayers of all the Filipinos made this thing possible.

The battle is not yet over and Mary Jane still needs to prove her innocence on drug trafficking. But giving her temporary reprieve is a good sign that there is a chance for her to live a normal life again. In time, I know she will go back in the Philippines where she belongs and live freely with her family. I believe she was a victim of human trafficking so let us continue our prayers for Mary Jane Veloso, she deserves our prayers.

Veloso was born to a poor family in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. She is the youngest of five siblings. She and her husband married when she was 17 but separated later. They have two sons, aged 12 and 6.

Mary Jane Veloso was arrested and sentenced to death in Indonesia in April 2010 for allegedly smuggling 2.6 kilograms of heroin in a suitcase.

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