Red Rose

Last week I didn’t participate in ABC-Wednesday I’d been questing for my Q entry but haven’t got one. But I guess “questing” counts, heheh. Anyway, next to Q is the letter R (do I need to say it, lol). So for my R entry is the Red Rose that Kyla gave to me last Mother’s Day. It was taken in my mother’s front yard. See the photos below.

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10 thoughts on “Red Rose”

  1. pulang pula! gusto ko din mag tanim nang roses..kaso mahal pa ang price eh…ehhehehe…can’t afford…after spring nalang…lol!

  2. The red rose not only carries the deepest meaning among all the rose colors – It is one of the universal symbols of love and affection. This flower’s long, eventful history lends it a breadth of significance. The red rose has been incorporated into many works of art from classical poetry to paintings. It is also the inspiration for many artists and lovers across cultures.

  3. I have a yellow rose bush in my yard. For two years it grew yellow roses. The year after that when it bloomed, it grew red roses. It has been blooming red roses ever since. What happened to it? How come my yellow rose bush is now blooming red roses? Thanks

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